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Fearless Adventures Invests In Pets Purest (Pet Supplements)

A husband-and-wife team who found a cure for their pet pooch and turned it into one of the fastest-growing pet supplement businesses has just raised investment.

Veraco Hygiene Solutions: Helping Businesses To Reopen Safely

Veraco is an innovator in hygiene solutions for frequently touched surfaces: their antibacterial touchpoint cover is helping businesses to reopen safely.

Sandra McDonough’s ‘Eye Guide MC’ For Parkinson’s Sufferers.

A woman named Sandra McDonough (who has battled with Parkinson’s for almost twenty years) has invented ‘Eye Guide MC,’ – to help people with Parkinson’s.

Shroot: “Greens And Greetings:” Cards And Plant Pots In One.

Shroot (“shoots and roots”) is a small, Wales-based start-up that is best known for their “Greens & Greetings” innovation: greeting cards and plant pots in one.

Antler (The UK Heritage Brand) Unveils A Fresh New Look In Australia

ANTLER (the London-based heritage luggage brand) has launched a refreshed new e-commerce website in Australia, – moving them into a new chapter of expansion.

Hannah Jackson + The Garden of Evie: Eco-Friendly Floristry.

Meet Hannah Jackson, the Rotherham-based entrepreneur behind The Garden of Evie (an eco-friendly floristry business, which has received support from Launchpad).

Little Omo Inclusive Education: Representing Children of Colour

Little Omo is the UK’s first ever inclusive educational brand, which represents children of colour (a long-overdue initiative, launched by Desriee Asomuyide).

Meet Cupple®: The Conscientious Eco-Bottle… With A Twist!

​Cupple® is an eco-friendly water bottle and cup combined together “as one:” simply twist off the outer sleeve – to reveal the insulated cup and leak-proof lid.

Fearless Adventures Invests In Montana Brown’s Swim Society.

A new fund for start-ups (Fearless Adventures) has invested six figures into Montana Brown’s ethical, sustainable, and inclusive swimwear brand, Swim Society.

Check Out This ‘Pawsome’ New Dog Accessories Brand, COCOPUP.

Hot diggity-dog: a ‘pawsome’ new dog accessories brand, named COCOPUP (a sister company of Coconut Lane), – is taking dog accessories to a whole new level.