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Gramersi Meets Danny Gray From War Paint

Today, we checked into the War Paint Carnaby Street store opening/press launch, and we interviewed Danny Gray, – who talked about their new store, men’s mental health, and the future of War Paint.

War Paint: A BRAND NEW Men’s Makeup Store (In Carnaby Street)

Today, we are proud to announce that the inclusive men’s makeup titans, War Paint For Men, – have just opened the doors to the world’s FIRST EVER men’s makeup store, in Carnaby Street, London.

Meet Carly Hooper From Beeutiful

Meet the beekeeper (Carly Hooper from Beeutiful), who in this video, – takes us through her 100% natural, award-winning skincare products (that are made from beeswax and honey).

The Absolute Collagen Story: Find Out How Maxine Laceby Built An £18M Beauty Empire In Just 4 YEARS.

Launched in 2017, Absolute Collagen has taken the beauty market by storm: the brand’s Founder, Maxine Laceby, – has managed to build an £18M empire in just FOUR YEARS, thanks to her innovative marine collagen products.

Meet Object: The Gender-Neutral, Luxury Zero-Waste Beauty Brand, For All Hair Types

After launching in December last year (in 2020), Object is fully committed to one core belief: you shouldn’t have to compromise on sustainability, – to find affordable, luxury beauty and self-care products.

VTESSIA Cosmetics: Natural Solutions For Postpartum Hair Loss (For Men + Women)

Postpartum hair loss for women is a real problem. But fear not, as VTESSIA Cosmetics has come to the rescue, with their natural solution to this confidence-shattering phenomenon that affects women across the planet.

Nursem Has Just Launched Their BRAND NEW ‘Caring Hand Sanitiser’ Product

Nursem’s BRAND NEW ‘Caring Hand Sanitiser’ is much more gentle on the skin than traditional alcohol-based hand gels, and it’s still effective against 99.99% of harmful viruses and bacteria.

Wearable Reading Glasses Brand, CotiVison™, – Has Just Launched Their BRAND NEW Male Model, LUCCA

Wearable reading glasses brand, CotiVision™, – has just launched their BRAND NEW male model, called LUCCA.

Jasper’s Co: The Vegan, PETA-Approved, Handmade Embroidery Brand Launched By A Craft + Crochet Blogger (MillwardMakes)

Craft and crochet blogger, Abigail Millward (from MillwardMakes) is no stranger to creativity. She’s been selling her patterns on her blog for a while now. But this year, she decided to turn her latest obsession (embroidery) into a fully-fledged business (Jasper’s Co).

SmileTime: The Bleach-Free Teeth Whitening Brand That’s Taking The Market By Storm

Bleach: that nasty, harmful chemical that is used in most teeth-whitening products. Well. Not anymore. Now, you can whiten your teeth in a healthy, non-destructive way, – with SmileTime’s bleach-free products.