Gramersi THOUGHTcast And ADVICEcast Media Brief

We are sourcing participants/video content for two short weekly episodes on GramersiTV on YouTube.


We are sourcing participants/video content for two short weekly episodes on GramersiTV on YouTube (see below):


This one is a short business tips video. Some of the ones we’ve done to date include:


This is a topical-themed video that covers topics within the startup, or retail space. Some of
the ones we’ve done so far, include:

In order to make a submission, all you have to do is look at the topics below, and send us the name of the person or business who you’d like to take part in an episode, to:, and if we’re interested in featuring that particular person/business, we’ll get back to you.

NOTE: Typically, we ask participants to film a 3-5 minute video on their phone in landscape
and send us the raw video file via WeTransfer, and we’ll do the editing, etc.

  • Has COVID Helped Or Hindered Enterprise?
  • The Impact Of COVID On The Retail Industry/High Street
  • What Can We Expect From A Post-COVID Retail Sector/High Street?
  • What Does The Future of Retail/High Street Look Like?
  • The Demise of Our Favourite Household Names
  • Working From Home. Will It Stay Or Go?
  • COVID: Buying/Spending Patterns/Trends/Changes
  • Lock-down Sleeping Patterns Revealed
  • BREXIT. Import Tax: What You Need To Know
  • Omni-channel Convergence
  • Transparency Across The Supply Chain
  • The Future of Online Selling/Influencers
  • Diversity In Entrepreneurship
  • The Ocean Plastic Crisis
  • Tampons Are Wrecking The Planet
  • The Future of Fertility
  • Manufacturing Advice For Startups
  • How To Get Stocked In Retail
  • How To Start An Eco-Friendly Business
  • How To Open A Store: Top Considerations
  • How To Get Your Prototype Off The Ground
  • Top Inventor Tips
  • Top Advertising And Marketing Tips


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