Egyptian Recovery Night Cream – With Pharaonic Black Seed Oil

Hayaty Natural


Inspired by ancient Egyptian self-care formulas to suit our modern lifestyle.
A well-studied formula designed to support and optimize the skin’s natural night recovery process.

Our Egyptian Recovery Face Cream offers an ultra-luxurious blend of actives combined in a synergistic formula made with nature’s most potent botanicals and endemic plants that are backed up by science.

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Made from our hero ingredient Black Seed, combined with our signature antioxidant blend, and supercharged with Probiotics, Plant Stem Cell Technology, Mullein extract, Vitamin C, and Algae Extract. In addition to the aromatherapeutic benefits of delicate essential oils, such as Rose, Geranium, and Ylang-Ylang to help wake up your senses and promote peacefulness. Ensuring you make the most of your “ME TIME”.

  • ENHANCES THE NIGHT RECOVERY PROCESS AND PROMOTES The self-healing of the skin’s uppermost layer during sleep which, in turn, helps to accelerate the recovery of the skin’s protective barrier.

  • PREVENTS DRYNESS > Reduces trans-epidermal water loss and helps to lock in moisture, keeping the skin smooth and hydrated.

  • PROTECTS AND REPAIRS > Protects, repairs, and restores the skin from the impact of daily exposure to blue light and environmental aggressors such as free radicals from pollutants and UV damage.

  • DETOXIFIES THE SKIN > Provides skin-soothing agents,helping to calm and strengthen the skin barrier during sleep to enhance brightness, and radiance and maintain overall skin health.

  • MINIMIZES PHOTOAGING > Helps to reduce the acceleration of early signs of skin aging such as spots and wrinkles, by stimulating collagen production and balancing and enhancing the skin’s microbiome.


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