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Are you looking for an easy way to reduce stress throughout the day?

The Moment Pebble is not only beautiful to look at, soothing to touch, but it also keeps you calm and present when life gets busy.  Learning to be in the Moment is a skill that helps you make better decisions, improves communication and makes life feel more manageable.

How does it work?  The Moment Pebble is a tactile, natural stone, light guided breathing device that guides you through short discreet mindful breaks throughout the day.  To support your long term wellbeing journey the Pebble also comes with an online wellness program packed with meditation, mindfulness and breathwork techniques and guided sessions.

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The Pebble is a beautiful wellbeing accessory at home on any desk, kitchen or bedside table that quickly and discreetly tackles stress in a Moment.

Moment Pebble: A companion for your mental wellbeing. Your Moment practice is anchored in the physical world with the Moment Pebble, a natural stone, hand finished, light led device, that visually guides you through a calming breathing sequence.

Moment Method: An online program that introduces the concepts of mindfulness, habit formation, the emotional scale and breathwork providing you with the tools to build a daily mindful Moment practice.

Moment Booklet: Getting you started on your Moment journey; this guide contains all you need to know to start making positive mindful changes in your life.


Clean your Pebble gently with soap and water. The charging stone should not be submerged in water, instead you can wipe it down with a damp cloth

Detailed Features

The Moment Pebble:

– Cardiac Coherence Breathing

– Anchor for habit formation

– Multi-sensory device

– Unconnected behavioural trigger

The Moment Program: 

– Self-paced online program

– Mindful & Meditative sessions

– Breathwork techniques

– Builds lifelong positive habits

What’s in the box

– Moment Pebble

– Wireless Charging Stone and micro USB cable

– Moment Booklet

– Moment Program Access

– Access to Moment Support


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Dimensions 22.9 × 10.5 × 5.3 cm

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