KAIA Clothing

KAIA Clothing

KAIA Clothing believes that we must all play a part in creating a new fashion industry that does not harm people and planet.
Our Fairtrade tees and hoodies are made from organic cotton, with low irrigation farming methods and renewable energy .

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KAIA Launches The ‘Cleanest, Greenest T-Shirts In The World’

KAIA Clothing: on a mission to “throw the gauntlet down at fast fashion’s feet,” by launching what they claim are “the cleanest, greenest t-shirts in the world.”

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Shipping Countries: United Kingdom (UK)

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Shipping Policy

We ship your product in zero plastic packaging, made from plant-based biodegradable materials.

We've noticed the trend whereby products are over-ordered and our homes become the e-commerce dressing room. We then package up and return what we don't want.

Business has, until recently, incorporated this practice into business models.

At KAIA Clothing, we do things somewhat differently...because every journey a garment makes emits CO2, we do not support excessive movement of our products, and therefore, only accept returns and issue refunds for faulty product.