Sleepgoddess Bergamot & Lavender Sleep Incense

Create a better night’s sleep with these sustainably hand-rolled and packaged Incense sticks. The Sleepgoddess Beauty Sleep Incense is a modern take on the ancient ritual of using essential oils for calm and sleep. Each scented stick has been created to induce peace and relaxation.

The beautiful recyclable and giftable glass tube contains 10 incense sticks which burns for up to 50 minutes. A free scent guide is provided with every order.

Bergamot & Lavender: Use for soothing & rest. This scent is perfect for emotional & hormonal wellbeing & for creating a harmonious balance to your inner psyche.

How to Use: As part of your bedtime wind-down routine, prepare the stick 40 mins before getting into bed. This will set the tone and the mood. To release the scented oils of the incense stick, you simply light the stick and put it in an incense stick holder. This will keep it away from surfaces. Gently blow out the flame when the stick is lit. Enjoy