The Moxi Loves Demo: With Pamela Laird

We sat down with Pamela Laird from Moxi Loves, who gave us an in-depth tour of their three most popular products.

Tame Those Lock-down Eyebrows With Your Own ‘Brow-Lamination Kit’ From Brow HQ.

Brow Lamination is a trend that has taken the world by storm, and it’s become hugely popular amongst influencers, celebrities and beauty lovers, alike. In response to this trend, Brow HQ has launched their own corrective, two-step perming process, called the ‘Brow Lamination Kit.’

Earthy Nail Polish: The Long-Lasting, Bio-Sourced Nail Polish Start-Up

Nail polish start-up, Earthy Nail Polish creates long-lasting nail polish with a high shine, – using natural origins and bio-sourced materials, with sustainable packaging.

American Cosmetics Company (Founded By Lisa Rinna), Rinna Beauty – Is Speeding Up Their Delivery Times In The UK

The best-selling cosmetics line (Rinna Beauty) by celebrity, Lisa Rinna – is speeding up their delivery times in the UK.

Philip Kingsley Has Relaunched Their Original Elasticizer To A Limited Edition Fragrance Called ‘Elasticizer Therapies’

Containing the same classic formula as their original Elasticizer, – Philip Kingsley has relaunched their Elasticizer product as a limited-edition fragrance (with the added benefits of a fragrance to evoke the senses and a feeling of wellbeing), and they’ve named it ‘Elasticizer Therapies.’

Beauty Manufacturing Advice (With Kirsty From Skin Insight)

Kirsty Mawhinney from Skin Insight offers up her manufacturing advice and expertise for beauty start-ups.

SOS Serum Launches ‘SOS Cleanse,’ – A BRAND NEW Gel Cleanser Formulated Specifically To Calm Your Skin

Daily-cleansing is one of the most overlooked areas, when it comes to our skincare routine. A good cleanser should be effective at not only removing our makeup, but also, – at keeping our skin calm and balanced. And this is where SOS Serum’s ‘SOS Cleanse’ gel-cleanser steps in…

Meet Emma Thornton From True Skincare

Emma Thornton from True Skincare shares her experience of appearing on BBC’s Dragon’s Den, and she discusses organic beauty pricing and inclusivity, as well as waterless beauty, and more.

Beauty By Jas: Meet 14-Year-Old Jasmine Bull, – Who Turned Lock-down Uncertainty Into A Beauty Business

A 14 year-old, first-time entrepreneur, Jasmine Bull, – has transformed lock-down uncertainty into the launch of her own eponymous beauty brand, Beauty By Jas.

Irish Beauty Brand, Carter Beauty – Launches In Walmart, In 1500 Stores In The US

Carter Beauty Cosmetics by Marissa Carter is now stocked in 1500 Walmart stores in 47 states across the U.S.A, – a goal which Marissa has aimed and strived for since Founding the brand in 2018.