Laura Willoughby (Club Soda) On The ‘No-Low’ Alcohol Market

Laura Willoughby from Club Soda shares her insights on the ‘no-low’ alcohol market, alcohol consumption (and how it’s changing), and more.

Award-winning Distillery, Martin + Brown, – Launches ‘Botanic Distillate’ With Two Flavours

Award-winning distillery, Martin + Brown’s ‘Botanic Distillate,’ – uses a base spirit produced from sugar beet (grown in the fields of East Anglia), – that is distilled into an artisan copper still to 40% ABV, with two very unusual blends of botanicals. 

Naughty Water Launches It’s Vodka-Based, Vegan-Friendly, Gluten-Free, Sparkling Alcoholic Water

Naughty Water has launched its BRAND NEW low-calorie, vegan friendly and gluten-free sparkling alcoholic water for health-conscious hedonists, which is deliciously vodka-based.

Brummie Brewery, Gypsy Brew – Launches Their 2nd Craft Beer: A Tropical-Flavoured Garrity Mash

Just months after the debut of their first beverage, Birmingham-based brewery brand, Gypsy Brew, – is raising the bar once again, with the launch of their second craft beer, Garrity Mash. 

‘Mooze’s Alternative Gin,’ With Mel Sims

For this week’s Gramersi PRODUCTcast, we invited Mel Sims from Mooze gin to tell us about how she came up with the idea, and what the product is all about.