The Somerset Toiletry Co. Has Introduced Some BRAND NEW Scented Hand-Sanitisers Into Their Existing, Best-Selling Range(s)

Protect yourself (and others) from COVID-19: The Somerset Toiletry Co. has introduced some BRAND NEW scented hand-sanitisers into their existing, best-selling product range(s).

New Research Shows How Consumer + SME Behaviour Shifted During Lock-down, And With The High Street Reopening

New research from the Internet Association (IA) revealed today, that over a third of Brits have tried a local, small restaurant/shop for the first time, – by ordering online during the Corona-virus lock down(s).

What Can The Retail Industry Do To Reduce Unemployment?

As we all know, Arcadia’s Topshop and Topman is the most recent significant victim of the high street, with its recent acquisition by ASOS and boohoo – creating a total job loss of 13,000 in the UK.

GIVING BACK: Dr.PAWPAW Has Donated 125,000 Products To Front-line Workers

Dr.PAWPAW has donated 125,000 products to front-line workers throughout each national lock-down, which began in March 2020. Each time, the skincare brand responded quickly – to make a difference.

KCOM Has Teamed Up With ReWorked to Recycle Used COVID19 PPE Gear

Internet provider, KCOM has teamed up with ReWorked to recycle single-use COVID19 PPE used by their employees in a brand new ‘green’ scheme.

Boxcitement: Improving Your Mental Health, One Box At A Time

Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, subscription box brand, Boxcitement – has been looking after their regular subscribers, by paying extra attention to their mental health (in addition to the usual physical products provided in their popular boxes).

University Lecturer Launches Art Illustration Business, Amid Pandemic

University lecturer, Christian Azolan has become a full-time artist during the COVID pandemic, and his art business has boomed significantly, with over 350 artworks sold across the world.

Juici Jerk Launches Their Valentine’s Day Meal Kit To Fight Lockdown Gloom

As the nation approaches the first ever Valentine’s Day under lockdown, hundreds of lovers across the UK will be seeking romantic home dinner inspiration, and to spice up Valentine’s Day this year, Juici Jerk has just launched their exclusive ‘Feel The Love,’ home meal kits.

ReWorked: A Breakthrough In PPE Wastage With Their Recycling Box

Yorkshire-based company, ReWorked has developed a full-service operation to process disposable face-masks, gloves, and visors for the public and private sectors, thanks to their recycling box.

Clipeez: Antiviral Shopping Trolley Handle Covers!

PPE Supplies Online has launched the Clipeez, a brand new anti-viral shopping trolley handle cover, that reduces the risk of the Coronavirus spread/infection via cross-contaminated surfaces.