Minty Returns: How To WIN At Social Media

Marketing expert, Araminta Sheridan – returns to share her wisdom, advice, expertise, and experience – on how you can WIN at social media.

Francine Jordan (The Vegan Society) | Vegan Start-ups

For this week’s Gramersi THOUGHTcast episode, Francine Jordan from The Vegan Society discusses the stats (and the reasons) behind the rise in vegan entrepreneurship in the UK.

Shaz Nawaz: 5 Numbers You NEED To Know

Shaz Nawaz, ‘The Profit Wizard,’ – is an accountant, a business consultant, and an author, – as well as the Founder of AA Accountants. For this week’s Gramersi ADVICEcast video, Shaz discusses the 5 numbers that EVERY entrepreneur NEEDS to know.