Super-food Skincare Brand, ‘Beauty Cleanse,’ – Is Crowdfunding To Launch Their Brand New Face-Mask

Beauty Cleanse Skincare, the London-based vegan and ‘minimalist’ skincare startup, – is seeking to raise funds through Crowdfunder.com by 1st May 2021, – to help fund their innovative new super food-powered, multi-purpose face mask.

The Facelet®: The Dual-Purpose Face Mask That Can Be Worn Around Your Wrist, Too

Made to be highly adaptive during the pandemic (particularly as it comes to a possible close), The Facelet® is a dual-purpose face-mask that features a button-fastening mechanism for the wrist when not in use.

Doodie Stark Launches Stylish Scarf-Masks, The ‘Doodiescarf.’

Independent women’s fashion boutique, Doodie Stark launches its’ first collection of scarf-masks, the ‘doodiescarf.’