Pretty Serendipity: Handmade Silver Jewellery – Designed For Special Occasions

Dedicated and passionate about the quality of each one of their products, Pretty Serendipity provides handmade silver jewellery, – designed for special occasions (or events).

Bijoux de Chagall: The Handcrafted, Sustainable Jewellery Brand

Slow fashion and sustainable jewellery is proving to be hugely successful over at Bijoux de Chagall, with each piece made from precious metals (from 100% recycled sources), and with every gemstone being ethically sourced, with diamonds that are conflict-free.

Handmade Jewellery Brand, ‘Precious Stuff:’ Unique Pieces For Men and Women

Precious Stuff is an online handmade jewellery store and repair shop, focused on promoting eco-friendly, unique pieces for both men and women.