SOS Serum Launches ‘SOS Cleanse,’ – A BRAND NEW Gel Cleanser Formulated Specifically To Calm Your Skin

Daily-cleansing is one of the most overlooked areas, when it comes to our skincare routine. A good cleanser should be effective at not only removing our makeup, but also, – at keeping our skin calm and balanced. And this is where SOS Serum’s ‘SOS Cleanse’ gel-cleanser steps in…

Noel Marshall (The BackBaller) Secures Dragon’s Den Investment From Sara Davies

Irish inventor, Noel Marshall (whose fitness invention, The BackBaller – is used by tennis champion Roger Federer) walked out of Dragon’s Den last week, – with a 100K investment from Sara Davies.

Kansha Alchemy – Premium Health Supplements For Both Men And Women

Kansha Alchemy launched their first product in September 2017 (their ‘Good Hair Nutrient Complex’), and now, the brand owns an extended range of health supplements that include some for your skin.

STEEPS ONE SHOT: The Fiery Blend Of Organic Ingredients Your Body Needs

STEEPS ONE SHOT is a fiery blend of seven raw, natural, sustainably-sourced, organic ingredients: turmeric, ginger, chilli, garlic, onion and horseradish – all lovingly peeled, chopped and infused (‘steeped’) for 12 weeks, in Apple Cider Vinegar.

Monitor Your Vital Signs With Mahaa’s Health Tech Box

Mahaah utilises an a-team of doctors, nutritionists, and experts who have combined their expertise in science, technology and medicine – to create a Health Tech Box designed to monitor your own vital signs.