Want To Fix Your Mood? Try ‘Happy Paul,’ – The BRAND NEW, Mood-Enhancing, Roll-On Perfume Oil

Happy Paul is a roll-on perfume oil. The product came to life because the brand’s Founder, Paul Gerrard – had battled with depression and mental health, and so he set about inventing a product that supported others with similar struggles.

LOOK LABS Becomes The World’s First Fragrance To Translate The Scent Of Their Perfume Into NFT Artwork

Contemporary Berlin studio, LOOK LABS (in collaboration with Montréal artist Sean Caruso), has launched the world’s first digital fragrance encoded into NFT artwork. 

Vegan Handbag Company, Rebelution – Launches Bespoke Fragrance Design Kits

Rebelution London, – a handbag company that makes vegan clock-face bags (as previously covered on Gramersi), – has just launched their bespoke fragrance design kits, enabling the amateur perfumer to create their own signature scent.