SB LUX: A Luxurious, Vegan Friendly, Premium-Quality Makeup And Skincare Range

Online boutique, SB LUX, – specialises in luxurious, vegan-friendly, premium-quality products, such as: makeup, skincare, jade rollers, false lashes, + nails. 

Gaming Chair Specialists, Andaseat Launches Extra-Large Gaming Tables

Professional seating specialists, Andaseat (who have previously manufactured race car seats, and have partnered with the most prestigious brands in the sports and e-sports field), have just announced the launch of two brand new gaming desks: the 55″ Eagle 1400, and 47″ Masks. 

‘Yeo Valley Organic’ Has Created The World’s First Moo-R Code – On Their Cows!

Yeo Valley Organic, Britain’s largest organic brand, – has created scannable QR codes that have been shaved into the hides of all 400 of their own British Friesian cows, to celebrate the national roll-out of their connected packaging.

Disability Clothing Range, Blossom + Best’s Founder Receives A Prestigious ‘Young Innovators’ Award

A mother whose daughter has inspired her to design a collection of handmade garments to support disabilities, – has received a Young Innovators’ Award, which is supported by Innovate UK, and The Prince’s Trust.

Brummie Brewery, Gypsy Brew – Launches Their 2nd Craft Beer: A Tropical-Flavoured Garrity Mash

Just months after the debut of their first beverage, Birmingham-based brewery brand, Gypsy Brew, – is raising the bar once again, with the launch of their second craft beer, Garrity Mash. 

Fragrance Start-Up, Glam Wax Announces UK + Overseas Expansion Plans + Moves To First Premises

Home fragrance start-up, Glam Wax – aims to secure a larger share of the UK market and expand overseas, after moving to their first business/warehouse premises, after starting out from a seaside beach shop in Dawlish Warren, Devon.

Hytro Performance Is Launching The First Ever Study Into Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) With QMUL

Hytro Performance, the TechWear brand that recently launched the first ever blood flow restriction (BFR) strap (proven to not only increase muscle size and strength, but also fasten its’ recovery), – is launching the first ever blood flow (BFR) restriction study, using its’ product.

Vegan Handbag Company, Rebelution – Launches Bespoke Fragrance Design Kits

Rebelution London, – a handbag company that makes vegan clock-face bags (as previously covered on Gramersi), – has just launched their bespoke fragrance design kits, enabling the amateur perfumer to create their own signature scent.

Hair-Care Brand, Shedid + Parrish Launches 6 New Products For Curly + Textured Hair

Shedid & Parrish is a hair-care brand that was created with curl and texture in mind, thanks to it’s Founder, Jessica Parrish, – who spent many years trying to find natural hair products that cared for (and styled) her curls, with little success.

Annli’Co: Natural Skincare Products Powered By Peaches, Seaweed and Lavender

Annli’Co is a skincare brand that specialises in products that use(s) ONLY – organic, natural ingredients, such as: plant-based collagen, seaweed, peach/cherry extract, aloe vera, lavender and hyaluronic acid.