What Is The Retail Industry Doing To Help And Protect The Environment?

Whilst sustainability has been at the centre of retail strategies for several years now, the covid-19 pandemic has given it an even greater significance. According to data from the Kantar Global Monitor, 85% of consumers positively values buying products from companies who support causes that interest them.

The Team Behind ‘Lost Stock’ Launches ‘This Is Unfolded:’ A New Way To Buy Clothes, And Reduce Product Wastage

After supporting a staggering 113,000 garment workers during the pandemic, the team behind ‘Lost Stock’ IS BACK with a brand new concept, ‘This Is Unfolded,’ – which aims to create long term change in the fashion industry.

Dressarte (The Eco-Friendly, Made-To-Order Fashion Brand) Has Launched Their BRAND NEW SS21 Collection

Dressarte (the eco-friendly, made-to-order fashion brand) has launched their BRAND NEW SS21 collection, which features pastel-coloured tops, – made from eco-friendly fabrics, including: deadstock and surplus.

Annie With Alex: A Mother + Daughter Duo, – Who Design(s) And Make(s) Eco-Friendly, Reversible Multi-Use Bags

Launched in 2017, Annie with Alex is run by a mother and daughter duo, – who design(s) and hand-make(s) eco-friendly, reversible multi-use bags.

Ciccarelli: The Sustainable French Leather Goods + Jewellery Brand That Has Just Launched In The UK

After successfully establishing itself in France, sustainable French leather goods and jewellery brand, Ciccarelli, – has just launched onto British shores (starting out with a collaboration with Maison Bent for London Fashion Week, 2021).

Fooditive: The Dutch Food Start-up Set On Revolutionising Healthy Eating For All

2020 saw the blossoming of a brand new plant-based ingredient manufacturer, called Fooditive BV: a Dutch company set on revolutionising healthy eating for all.

‘BEEN’ Has Just Launched Their Limited Edition ‘MEL X BEEN’ Recycled Bag(s) (In Partnership With Amelia Windsor)

Model and eco-activist, Amelia Windsor, – has partnered with the award-winning sustainable fashion brand, BEEN, – to design (and launch) a brand new, limited-edition recycled bag.

1 People: Where Luxury Fashion Meets Sustainability

Launched as a fashion and lifestyle brand in 2019, 1 People provides a collection of timeless wardrobe staples, and statement pieces, – that boasts a contemporary twist with a conscience: ‘where luxury fashion meets sustainability.’

Baby Food Brand, Piccolo – Launches The UK’s FIRST EVER Fully-Recyclable Baby Food Pouch

The recyclability of food pouches is an issue which has long plagued the baby food category, and this new development from Piccolo, – marks a significant moment in the brand’s ethical journey.

Aqua + Rock Launches Their Brand New, Sustainable Fashion Collection

Aqua + Rock has launched their brand new sustainable collection, along with a complete website revamp/overhaul.