Kidunk Teams Up With Caudwell LymeCo – Tackles Lyme Disease

Outdoor kids’ clothing brand, Kidunk, and leading UK Lyme disease charity, Caudwell LymeCo – have teamed up to launch ‘TICK DETECTIVE,’ a new initiative to help tackle Lyme disease.

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection, spread to humans by bites from infected ticks. Initial symptoms include: a characteristic rash and/or flu like symptoms, which can last months after the bite occurred.

Prompt diagnosis and quick treatment is key for a quick and full recovery.  Left untreated, Lyme can cause problems with the nervous system, heart, eyes and joints — years after being bitten.

The disease was first identified in the 70’s and, unfortunately, cases of Lymes disease are increasing. A Caudwell LymeCo patient survey found that around a third of those who contract Lyme disease still experienced symptoms after treatment, and it’s thought that around 20% never fully recover from the disease.

As more young children and families spend more time outdoors due to the lockdown, UK award-winning kids clothing brand, Kidunk and Caudwell LymeCo charity have teamed up to produce a fun new resource to help increase awareness of Lyme disease to parents and children.

The resource has been designed to appeal to a young audience, but ultimately, it will help to give parents and carers the key facts to be prepared for the outdoors, too.

“We are absolutely delighted to be launching this fantastic resource with Caudwell Co charity. As young families get out and about now more than ever before, it’s key they understand the environment. We tried to deliver the key facts around Lyme disease in a no-nonsense language using engaging colours and imagery that would appeal to a younger audience, but with factual content of use to parents and practitioners.

Lisa Joyce. Kidunk Co-Founder and Designer

As an active parent who likes to go for walks with her children, Kidunk’s Co-Founder, Lisa Joyce, wasn’t aware of how bad ticks are, and can be. Lisa, with a background in design, was approached by a couple who run a nursery – who had an idea for a garment, and so she set about making it.

“Children’s safety is of paramount importance to us and this fantastic resource has been shared with parents and staff who have passed on to others with an interest in outdoor activities and learning.

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Pam Houghton, owner of High Meadow Nursery, Lancashire

Kidunk makes protective clothing, enabling young children to be fully protected whilst participating in outdoor activities, such as playing in the woods. Not only does the clothing keep children safe, but they are easy to clean mud and paint from, without the clothes being ruined.

The company provides an ‘all seasons’ version and a summer version, utilising UPV50, which is ideal for hot days.

Kidunk has won over 10 consumer awards as well as a prestigious Gold European design award in 2019.

Caudwell LymeCo’s core mission is to fund research that finds more accurate testing and effective treatment for patients at all stages of the disease, to be available on the NHS.

“We are really excited to be launching this new initiative with Kidunk. It’s a particular concern for many that during the coronavirus pandemic, cases of Lyme disease may increase as people spend more time outdoors, and may even be missed due to similar symptoms to the virus. We want to work with forest schools and nurseries to empower children and parents with knowledge and understanding of Lyme disease in a fun and creative way.

Rosie Milsom, Fundraising & Communications for Caudwell LymeCo

The ‘Tick Detectives’ fact sheet is available to download from both the Caudwell LymeCo and Kidunk websites. It will also be sent digitally to over 10,000 nursery settings, carers and parents over the coming weeks.

You can find more information about Kidunk and the Caudwell LymeCo charity on their websites and more information on the symptoms and treatment of Lyme Disease on the NHS website.