“The New Role of Retail” (With Sheridan&Co)

Gramersi are excited to announce their next virtual ‘MASTERcast’ event, in association with Sheridan&Co: “The New Role of Retail.”

The Cheeky Panda Is Set To Become The FIRST EVER Crowdfunded Business To Pursue An IPO On The London Stock Exchange.

Sustainable bamboo hygiene brand, The Cheeky Panda, – is set to become the first ever crowdfunded business to pursue an IPO on the London Stock Exchange.

Beat IBS For Once And For All: Meet Bay’s Kitchen: The Gut-Friendly, Gluten And-Dairy-Free Food Brand.

Bay’s Kitchen helps IBS sufferers through their award-winning, low FODMAP, gut-friendly, gluten and dairy-free products. More recently, the brand has just launched their own ketchup, BBQ sauce, and vegan mayonnaise range.

Meet Stephanie Drax From Leapfrog Remedies

In this video, Stephanie Drax (Leapfrog Remedies’ Founder), – walks us through her innovative lactoferrin supplement brand.

What The War Paint Carnaby Street Store Opening Means For Gramersi

On the 22nd July, 2021, we attended our FIRST EVER physical, ‘in-person’ press event (the War Paint Carnaby Street store opening). Why was this significant to us?

New Figures For June 2021 Has Revealed A 63% Increase In Corporate Insolvencies, – Compared To June Last Year (2020)

The Government’s Insolvency Service has released new figures for June 2021, which revealed a 63% increase in corporate insolvencies (1,207), – compared to the same month last year (741 in June 2020).

Gramersi Meets Danny Gray From War Paint

Today, we checked into the War Paint Carnaby Street store opening/press launch, and we interviewed Danny Gray, – who talked about their new store, men’s mental health, and the future of War Paint.

War Paint: A BRAND NEW Men’s Makeup Store (In Carnaby Street)

Today, we are proud to announce that the inclusive men’s makeup titans, War Paint For Men, – have just opened the doors to the world’s FIRST EVER men’s makeup store, in Carnaby Street, London.

Only Curls: The Lizzie Carter Success Story

Hair-care entrepreneur, Lizzie Carter – quit her job whilst on maternity leave, – to launch Only Curls, – a cruelty-free, vegan hair-care brand for curly hair. Her start-up is already turning over £1,000,000 a year.

Nathalie Neuilly From Dressarte On ‘Standard Dress Sizing’

We sat down with Nathalie Neuilly From Dressarte, who in this video, – gave us her thoughts on standard dress sizing, the issues that surround it, and the solution.

BEPPS Snacks Has Introduced A Healthier New Way To Snack, – With Their Plant-Based Pea, Pulse And Grain Snacks.

The London-based food start-up, BEPPS Snacks, – is on a mission to change how we snack, with their delicious range of plant-based pea, pulse and grain snacks.