We Are Now CLOSED For Christmas. We’ll Be Back Soon!

We are now CLOSED for Christmas. We’ll be back on Tuesday 3rd January, 2023.

When Júlia Guimarães Launched Piccoli – For Petite Women!

Piccoli is a fashion label for petite women that was launched in August 2022, after careful + in-depth research by its founder Júlia Guimarães – a petite woman.

Galventa Launches A World-First Wake-Up Capsule: ‘B-Sync ON’

The ‘B-Sync ON’ supplement was launched by Galventa, – a life science brand that launched in 2021; that’s committed to improving sleep, and the circadian clock.

FIX8 Kombucha: Vitamin C + Probiotic Cultures For Gut Health

Launched in 2018, FIX8 is the Kombucha brand that adds vitamin C to its drinks, as well as science-backed probiotic cultures – for maximum gut health goodness.

Ad Gefrin (The Museum/Distillery) Launches Its Whisky Blend.

Ad Gefrin (the Anglo-Saxon museum + distillery – located in Northumberland) is launching its Whisky Blend, Tácnbora, which encapsulates the Spirit of Belonging.

The Spice Guy: A Delicious Range Of Spices And Sauces.

Launched in 2019 by Sandie Vara, ‘The Spice Guy’ provides a diverse range of spice blends and special sauces, – to add a kick of flavour to your meal(s).

DCYPHER: Bespoke, Made To Order, Perfectly-Matched Cosmetics

Each DCYPHER product is made bespoke to reduce the impact of waste, by using technology to tailor an exact and perfectly-matched product to the customer’s skin.

Add A Burst Of Colour To Your Living Space(s), With Pow Pots

Pow Pot was launched by a journalist and editor named Nathalie Gibbins, who felt compelled to launch a business inspired by her passion for patterns and plants.

Disruptor London: The Planet Positive, Personal Care Brand.

Disruptor London’s philosophy is to use: ethically sourced, naturally derived, vegan, organic, cruelty free raw materials, AND up-cycled, plant-based leftovers.

Treat Yourself To A Jamaican Rum, This Christmas

Launched in October 2022 by Tamoy Carter, Jamaica Rum Vibes (authentic sparkling pre mixed rum drinks) is now available in selected supermarkets across the UK.