EVENT: Join Gramersi, Andrew Bloch + The FSB: ‘How Small Businesses Can Get Good PR.’

Join us (Gramersi), Andrew Bloch, and the FSB at this webinar, and learn top tips on how small businesses can get good PR.

The Nuevo Edit: The Fashion Start-up Founded During Lock-down

Meet the Southport duo (Francesca Fitzgerald-Scahill + Laura Kenwright) who Founded The Nuevo Edit during lock-down, with a focus on timeless, classic, + neutral pieces.

Sleepgoddess Gets Mentoring From Liz Earle (Via Google x BT)

Based in Dagenham, Laurelle Darroux’s sleep troubles inspired her to launch Sleepgoddess, – a start-up that helps people to feel amazing when they first wake up.

Meet Bibevie’s Rhian Thompson

Meet Rhian Thompson from Bibevie (the planet-conscious babywear company, that’s on a mission to banish dribble bibs that never stay(s) in place).

How Olly’s Bounced Back From COVID-19 And Came Back Stronger

Olly’s is the snack start-up that everyone’s talking about: it’s a family business of snack-fanatics, with 1 simple mission: to create delicious healthy snacks.

How Drynks Are Reshaping The Alcohol Free Drinks Category.

Drynks: the ONLY British alcohol free beer, lager and cider brand, with a range of 0% (truly alcohol free, NOT 0.5% (which is classified as low alcohol) drinks.

Meet Oliver’s Cupboard, The Brand That Promotes Foodclusion.

Oliver’s Cupboard is a baby food brand that reflects the UK’s diverse society, – whilst giving babies the chance to experience world flavours from a young age.

Confident Tiger: Eco-Friendly Lingerie And Bras… THAT FITS!

Meet Confident Tiger, the BRAND NEW size-inclusive, sustainable lingerie brand that’s going out of their way to make the fashion industry a much fairer place. Confident Tiger was Founded in October 2021 by Clare Martin (who launched the brand when she discovered that 80% of people wear the wrong sized bra). With over 140 sizes […]

Meet Tania Diggory From Calmer

Calmer’s Founder, Tania Diggory is a burnout prevention expert, an international speaker, author, NLP practitioner, mindfulness teacher, mental health trainer, AND first aider. Watch the interview here.

MyBabyGrow: A World-First Sleepsuit With A Sewn-In Vest Combo

MyBabyGrow was Founded in 2021 by an Essex-based husband-and-wife duo (Pam + Ben). The product is a world-first innovative sleepsuit (with a sewn-in vest combo).

My Little Panda: A Simple Solution To Excessive Packaging.

My Little Panda: a solution to the overfilled vans that motor(s) around our streets each day, – delivering mountains of packaging waste that pile ups in the UK.