Get Calmer With Gramersi: Mental Wellbeing For Entrepreneurs

Gramersi are excited to announce their next event, Get Calmer With Gramersi: Mental Wellbeing For Entrepreneurs, in association with Calmer and featuring Calmer’s Founder, Tania Diggory.

EVENT: Join Gramersi, Andrew Bloch + The FSB: ‘How Small Businesses Can Get Good PR.’

Join us (Gramersi), Andrew Bloch, and the FSB at this webinar, and learn top tips on how small businesses can get good PR.

SNACKZILLA (Baked Oat Cookies 4 Kids) Launches Into Sainsbury’s

SNACKZILLA is a new soft-baked oat-cookie brand made especially for kids. Last month, they launched in selected Sainsbury’s stores in the UK via their trial bay.

Very Craftea Has Launched The Perfect Gift For Tea Lovers

Very Craftea (the Peterborough-based loose tea business) has launched the perfect Christmas gift for tea lovers: the tea advent calendar. Find out more here.

ONANOFF Launches BuddyPhones® School+ And Cosmos+ (For Kids)

ONANOFF has launched two new headphone products for kids: the BuddyPhones® School+, and the BuddyPhones® Cosmos+: both are available to buy on

Billy Tannery: The First New UK Tannery For Nearly A Century

Billy Tannery (a sustainable retail start-up that was launched in 2016) is a new British leather business that’s going against the grain. Find out how here.

Amani Zubair From Tresor: The Interview

In this interview, Amani Zubair (Tresor) talks about her family/upbringing, her early years, college + uni, launching Tresor, her successes, her vision, + Lord Sugar.

Dynamic Nutrition Academy: Helping Men With Low Testosterone

Dynamic Nutrition Academy (DNA) supports men with low testosterone + testosterone deficiencies, – through their range of age-specific, natural food supplements.

CROSSIP: Non-Alcoholic Spirits Made With Botanical Ingredients

CROSSIP is a non-alcoholic spirits brand (that uses botanical ingredients): it was Founded in 2020 by the well-known cocktail expert, – Carl Anthony Brown.

Pip Murray From Pip & Nut’s Start-up Advice

For this week’s ADVICEcast episode, Pip Murray from Pip & Nut shares her start-up advice for budding/early-stage entrepreneurs.

ARCFORM Launches Their Handcrafted, Statement-Making Chandelier

ARCFORM (the purveyors of British hand-crafted lighting) has launched a 25-pendant, statement chandelier: the Arc 25 Chandelier.

Dott’s E-Bikes Have Now Launched Onto The Streets of Paris.

Dott’s e-bikes provide(s) a simple, enjoyable, + comfortable way to travel across cities efficiently. Their e-bikes have now launched onto the streets of Paris.