A New Philip Kingsley Launch: The Bond Builder Lipid Shield.

This September (in 2022), Philip Kingsley (the hair care and hair loss experts) will launch their new ‘Bond Builder Lipid Shield;’ a lightweight treatment oil.

HUX: Health Supplements That Make Complex Nutrition Simple.

After two years in development, HUX finally launched this year in 2022 by three friends and entrepreneurs who are on a mission to make complex nutrition simple.

Do Goodly Dips: A Food And Drink Start-Up Business of The Year

The Welsh plant-based food producer, Do Goodly Dips has won the ‘Wales Food and Drink Start-Up Business of the Year,’ at the inaugural ‘Wales Food and Drink Awards.’

Chamiah Dewey: The Fashion Brand For People Of Short Stature

Chamiah Dewey is the UK’s first clothing brand for people with dwarfism and short stature, offering stylish, timeless pieces, made using eco-conscious fabrics.

BIG BEAUTY NEWS: Dr. PAWPAW: Now Available In Marks + Spencer

Dr.PAWPAW launches into the leading British retailer Marks & Spencer, with its best selling vegan skincare products now available in selected stores and online.

Wild And Game Raises Almost Half A Million £ In Crowdfunding

Wild And Game (a West Country-based brand that’s building the UK market for game meat) has raised an impressive £485,000 in its first ever equity crowd funder.

ALLAVARE: The Story Of A Century Old Cleaning/Laundry Range.

ALLAVARE makes its products at its HQ in West Wales. They’re rooted in a book of cleaning remedies created in the last century by a housemaid named Bette Smith.

Beauty Kin: Solid Body Bars That Solve Skin Problems. Sorted.

Beauty body bars. “Beauty Kin stemmed from my need to find a solution that was eco-friendly, that embraced soap once again” said Beauty Kin’s Founder Nada Ward.

HotTea Mama Launches Menopause And Period Pain Relief Tea.

HotTea Mama has created two new blends, named ‘Take a Pause’ and ‘Over the Moon.’ Both are focused on the discomfort and pain linked to menopause and periods.

Meat Alternative Heura Closed Q1 2022 With A €14.7M Turnover

Heura (the Spanish plant-based meat alternative brand) finished Q1 2022 with a staggering €14.7M turnover, sparing more than a million animal lives this year so far.