Freezecakes: The World’s First Frozen Cheesecake – In A Tub.

Freezecakes: silky smooth, irresistibly creamy, and packed with crunchy biscuit pieces, and pockets of indulgent sauce. The best part? They’re not even ice cream.

Freezecakes were brought to market by the Instagram-famous cheesecake connoisseurs, Pleese (previously Pleesecakes, who initially gained a loyal following for their fully-loaded, Instagram-worthy cheesecakes, and loved by celebrities such as Joe Wicks, Olly Murs, and Holly Willoughby). With their innovative and disruptive approach to desserts, Pleese is all about sharing spectacular experiences, via their delicious treats.

After a successful online launch in July 2020, Freezecakes are now hitting the shelves of retailers nationwide, bringing the frozen cheesecake revolution to dessert enthusiasts across the UK. The new-and-improved recipe features a minimum of 35% cream cheese, and it’s proudly free-from palm oil.

Available in three mouth watering flavours, Freezecakes has a tempting trio of choices: the Butterscotch & Caramel flavour combines frozen butterscotch cheesecake with caramel-flavoured sauce, and crunchy chocolate biscuit pieces coated in chocolate. 

Lemon & Raspberry delights with a frozen lemon cheesecake, pockets of raspberry sauce, biscuit pieces coated in white chocolate, and a topping of freeze-dried raspberry pieces. And for the chocolate lovers, the Double Chocolate flavour presents a frozen chocolate cheesecake swirled with chocolate-flavoured sauce, crunchy chocolate biscuit pieces coated in chocolate, and… topped with chocolate flakes.

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Pleese, founded in 2017 by the former painter-decorator-turned-cheesecake-connoisseur, Joe Moruzzi, has become the UK’s leading custom, no-bake cheesecake company. The brand gained significant exposure after appearing on the popular BBC Two show, Dragon’s Den, in 2018. 

Although Joe turned down a Dragon’s offer, the exposure propelled Pleese’s growth, leading to the release of their first recipe book, “Pleesecakes: 60 AWESOME No-Bake Cheesecake Recipes” in 2018.

“This unique product brings the humble cheesecake into the 21st century by disrupting the dessert category. We help everyone share spectacular experiences, and we’re confident that Freezecakes will be loved in homes across the country – serving up an instant cheesecake hit anytime of day,” said Joe Moruzzi.

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