Author: Laurene Rey-Millet

These Are The Most Planet-Destructive Foods. Should We Stop Buying Them?

Some foods are worth dying for, but is your favourite snack worth eating, if it destroys natural habitats, and wastes resources, by being shipped from the other side of the planet, – to your mouth?

Thomas Royall: Calum Best Has Joined The Brand As A Partner And Investor. 

Thomas Royall has just announced that Calum Best (who has worn their shorts since they first launched), – has now joined the team as a partner, and an investor.

BCALM Has Just Launched Their BRAND NEW Scent-Carrier Keyring.

BCALM has just launched their BRAND NEW scent-carrier keyring, with one bottle of 100% pure organic essential oil (in a hessian drawstring bag).

The Furlough Scheme Is Ending Soon. Here’s How To Prepare.

The furlough scheme is set to end soon, as part of Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s plan to ‘wind-down’ support that was offered at the height of the COVID-19 outbreak.

BLUEBAT Has Successfully Funded Their Battery-Charging Device On Kickstarter.

BLUEBAT has successfully achieved their Kickstarter campaign goal to fund their BLUEBAT charging device, – which is now available for purchase.

Gypsy Brew Launches Two New Brews: A Craft Lager (Cushti Bok), + A Craft Cider (Django’s Halo).

Gypsy Brew is proud to announce their launch of two new brews: a craft lager (Cushti Bok), and a craft cider (Django’s Halo).

Daniella Draper: Crowned ‘Mono-Brand Retailer of the Year,’ At The UK Jewellery Awards, 2021

The sustainable jewellery brand, Daniella Draper, – has scooped up the ‘Mono-Brand Retailer of the Year’ award for the second consecutive year, at the UK Jewellery Awards, 2021.

‘Get Back To School,’ With Ryman’s One-Stop School Checklist

Ryman has every ‘back-to-school’ item you could ever wish for in a one-stop school checklist.

Inscripture: The Engraving Specialist That Makes Personalised Gifts.

Discover Inscripture, – the award-winning, family-run business that was established in 2016, with a vision to create timeless, unique, sentimental, and style-savvy, engraved gifts to treasure.

Arctic Peak: Affordable, Accessible And Stylish Sustainable Fashion (For Men).

Arctic Peak takes the exclusivity out of sustainability when it comes to men’s fashion, – making it easy and accessible for men to look stylish, dress sustainably, and care for the environment (affordably).