Author: Laurene Rey-Millet

When Júlia Guimarães Launched Piccoli – For Petite Women!

Piccoli is a fashion label for petite women that was launched in August 2022, after careful + in-depth research by its founder Júlia Guimarães – a petite woman.

Galventa Launches A World-First Wake-Up Capsule: ‘B-Sync ON’

The ‘B-Sync ON’ supplement was launched by Galventa, – a life science brand that launched in 2021; that’s committed to improving sleep, and the circadian clock.

FIX8 Kombucha: Vitamin C + Probiotic Cultures For Gut Health

Launched in 2018, FIX8 is the Kombucha brand that adds vitamin C to its drinks, as well as science-backed probiotic cultures – for maximum gut health goodness.

Ad Gefrin (The Museum/Distillery) Launches Its Whisky Blend.

Ad Gefrin (the Anglo-Saxon museum + distillery – located in Northumberland) is launching its Whisky Blend, Tácnbora, which encapsulates the Spirit of Belonging.

The Spice Guy: A Delicious Range Of Spices And Sauces.

Launched in 2019 by Sandie Vara, ‘The Spice Guy’ provides a diverse range of spice blends and special sauces, – to add a kick of flavour to your meal(s).

DCYPHER: Bespoke, Made To Order, Perfectly-Matched Cosmetics

Each DCYPHER product is made bespoke to reduce the impact of waste, by using technology to tailor an exact and perfectly-matched product to the customer’s skin.

Add A Burst Of Colour To Your Living Space(s), With Pow Pots

Pow Pot was launched by a journalist and editor named Nathalie Gibbins, who felt compelled to launch a business inspired by her passion for patterns and plants.

Disruptor London: The Planet Positive, Personal Care Brand.

Disruptor London’s philosophy is to use: ethically sourced, naturally derived, vegan, organic, cruelty free raw materials, AND up-cycled, plant-based leftovers.

Treat Yourself To A Jamaican Rum, This Christmas

Launched in October 2022 by Tamoy Carter, Jamaica Rum Vibes (authentic sparkling pre mixed rum drinks) is now available in selected supermarkets across the UK.

Pride Cosmetics: Greener, Vegan Cosmetics – For Men + Women.

Pride Cosmetics was born from a passion for sustainability, and a love for animals. The brand promotes nourishment/love for your skin, and… a greener planet.