Skylos Collective: Apple Leather Dog Collars And Accessories

Founded in 2021, Skylos Collective = ethically-produced, sustainable, hand-crafted dog collars, leads, and accessories – that are made with vegan apple leather.

This innovative bio-material is derived from waste generated by the apple juicing and compote industries in the heart of Tuscany, just 10km from Florence. This use of vegan leather not only reduces the environmental impact, but it also ensures that no animals are harmed in the process.

The apple leather is more sustainable than standard PU leather, and it has received various certifications, including Peta approval as a vegan product, Oeko-tex standard 100, and the Global Recycled Standard.

By choosing Skylos Collective, now, pet owners can pamper their furry companions with guilt-free luxury. What sets Skylos Collective apart is its commitment to preserving the traditional art of leather-work manufacturing. Each product is handcrafted in rural Lancashire, England, by a team of skilled artisans. In an era where mass production dominates, supporting these artisans is vital for keeping these ancient skills alive.

By purchasing a Skylos Collective accessory, pet owners contribute to the preservation of this dying art form. Ella (who comes from a background in sustainable fashion) saw an opportunity to extend her passion for sustainability to the lives of our beloved pets.

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Ella believes that our furry friends deserve the best, and the Skylos Collective collection represents the pinnacle of couture attire for dogs. With the increasing demand for environmentally-sustainable brands, and a growing awareness among Gen Z and millennials, the collection combines ethical values, with the highest quality craftsmanship.

Skylos Collective’s products are available in the UK and Europe, and they can be purchased online, ensuring that pet owners worldwide can indulge their furry friends in stylish and eco-friendly accessories.

“By combining a passion for sustainability with a love of our canine friends, I am so proud of the impact that Skylos Collective’s collection makes,” said Ella.

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