Nakasero: The Premium Condiments And Relish Brand

A jar of Nakasera's giardiniera

Nakasero’s ‘Giardiniera’ is a premium Italian relish, made from chillies, peppers, garlic, and a selection of crispy vegetables, infused in a careful blend of herbs and spices.

Gita Raikundalia was introduced to giardiniera when she visited Chicago. She loved it so much that when she returned to the UK, she found a supplier online, but was disappointed by the quality of what she received. It was nothing like what she had tasted in Chicago.

Gita spent four months creating her own recipe, recreating the tangy and fresh taste with the crunchy texture she had experienced before by adding her own touch using techniques in pickling, handed down from her Grandmother.

“I aimed to develop a relish, which is tangy, tart, with a sharpness that is delightful on the tongue yet retaining the crunch from the fresh vegetables. I discovered many relishes on the market are loaded with sugar to enhance the taste. I took on the challenge to create a sugar free offering, opening it up to diabetics and individuals who are following a ketogenic or low carbohydrate lifestyle. I can confidently say I have achieved my goal.

Gita Raikundalia, founder of Nakasero

The result was a vegan approved premium giardiniera, free from sugar, wheat, gluten, and artificial additives and preservatives.

With her new wholesome giardiniera, Gita launched Nakasero in February 2020 with a mission to bring customers little known, wholesome food from all over the world — with a focus on quality, taste, freshness and clean eating.

“It was one thing to have a unique product and a great business idea however I am passionate about clean wholesome eating and it was very important to me that my business reflects this; hence my first product has been carefully crafted completely sugar-free, free from wheat, gluten, artificial additives and preservatives. I want to make it easy for people to enjoy a clean diet without compromising on taste.

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Gita Raikundalia, founder of Nakasero

To help local businesses, and the community, Nakasero work with ‘Made in Northampton’ (MIN) to source their ingredients locally and build relationships with local businesses.

Just six months post launch, Nakasero can now be found in many of Northampton’s independent retailers including The Daily Bread Cooperative, St Giles Cheese, Smiths Farm shop and Castle Ashby Deli. 

They have also collaborated with well-known restaurants, cafes and food producers such as Jeyes of Earls Barton, the Smoke Pit, La Pazienza Italian Restaurant, and Spr.ead who have created mouth-watering dishes using Nakasero’s Giardiniera.

If you want some giardiniera, Nakasero currently offer free deliveries within Northampton and postal deliveries nationwide. They have pledged a percentage of profits to be donated to the NHS for the duration of the lockdown.

With all this, it’s not hard to see why Gita was recently shortlisted, as a Finalist, in the Great British Entrepreneurs Awards, in the Food and Drink sector for the Midlands Region. She has also been shortlisted, as a finalist, for two further awards for the SME Business Awards in Northamptonshire. 

You can find out more about Nakasero here.