COVID-19 changed the world forever. Consumerism changed. The start-up landscape changed. High street shopping and ecommerce changed.

This inspired Gramersi’s Founders, George Taylor, Ashley Gibbs, and Laurene Rey-Millet – to launch a narrative commerce platform that makes it quick and easy to discover, explore, and shop the latest brands.

Since launching in July 2020, we’re proud to have supported hundreds of start-ups.

We’ve attracted thousands of readers, built a loyal following, and worked with some of the most reputable SMEs in the UK, including Dominique Woolf/The Woolf’s Kitchen, BEEN/Lady Amelia Windsor, Jemma Solomon/The Label Lady, Amani Zubair/Tresor, Thomas Royall/Calum Best, Montana Brown/Swim Society, Harpreet Kaur, and more.

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