OneNine5: Eco-Conscious, Cruelty-Free, Unisex Travel Wash Bags

OneNine5, who were founded in 2018, have released their unisex, eco-conscious and cruelty free travel wash bag, moving away from the usual boring one compartment design, and packing it with useful features.

Every year, 44.4m single-use plastic bags are handed out in airports, across the UK, to travellers who need them to get through airport security, and worldwide, it is estimated that number is around 8.7 billion.

“Although the ‘Attenborough Effect’ has had a hugely positive impact on reducing single-use plastic bags, there is still real problems with this in airports around the world. Whilst security is paramount, passengers are encouraged to grab single-use plastic bags when there is another way. The threat of plastic to our planet is unequivocal, yet established brands and airports persist in their failure to recognise consumers’ concerns and help them confront the plastic crisis.”

Alex Stewart, Co-founder of OneNine5

OneNine5 have decided to reduce those wasteful numbers by designing a wash bag that comes with a clear, detachable bag, inside the main wash bag, held in place with magnets. This makes it easy to bring toiletries through security, while avoiding the need to have a separate clear bag, rattling around in your carry on.

The traditional wash bag is often a single compartment, made from plain leather, for men, or floral patterned cloth, for women. They didn’t want to just create the same old wash bag. The OneNine5 wash bag is designed to be functional and stylish too.

They opted for a unisex design, made of PU leather (Polyurethane), aka vegan leather, on the outside and rPET (recycled polyester) on the inside. Coming in 3 colours, the bag has a nice aesthetic look and feel, as well as being easy to clean and recyclable too.

It doesn’t just look good though: the zips are water resistant and they have included a total of 7 compartments, for all your non-liquids too: a toothbrush holder, a zipped pocket for valuables, pouches for medication and more.

Making something out of recyclable materials isn’t much good if you can’t have it recycled so OneNine5 have teamed up with two companies to make it easier.

The first is TerraCycle, a company that helps ensure recyclable materials don’t end up in landfills. UK residents can return a used bag for recycling, to a FreePost address and receive a 15% discount voucher off their next purchase.

The second is the reGAIN app, which can be used to recycle clothes and other things. Customers returning bags through the app will get a £10 discount off their next purchase.

In addition to making recyclable products, with an easy way to have them recycled, OneNine5 help the planet further by ensuring that their packaging is also recycled, recyclable and bio-degradable.

“Existing luggage and fashion brands aren’t doing enough to combat this fast-fashion culture and it’s concerning. 90% of millennials prefer to buy from brands that have environmentally sustainable practices so beyond the wash bag we’ve got big plans to design more eco-conscious products that make modern travel, hassle-free.”

Alex Stewart, Co-founder of OneNine5

OneNine5 also make recyclable liquid travel bottles, to compliment their wash bags, and have plans to introduce more eco-conscious travel products in the future.

To find out more about OneNine5, visit their website.