Piccolo: First Out-of-Home And TV Adverts Challenge Expectations

A picture of Piccolo baby formula

Piccolo, the UK’s fastest growing baby and toddler brand, have kicked off a dual marketing campaign with adverts on Sky and an out-of-home campaign focused on its’ launch into baby formula.

Supporting the launch of their formula milk earlier this year, the TV and out-of-home ads steer clear of stereotypical milk ads and challenge consumers’ expectations by showing real, everyday parenting. 

The TV advert includes both breast and bottle feeding, to emphasise that there’s no one right way to parent.

“Just like all our other campaigns and product designs, we wanted to do things differently and challenge the status quo of both milk and parenting adverts. We wanted something more upbeat and current that resonates with our audience, to celebrate diversity and to convey a clear message that parenting is personal, an idea which is emphasised by saying ‘It’s up to you and no one else how to feed your baby.

Kane O’Flaherty, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Piccolo
A picture of one of Piccolo's out-of-home adverts.
An example of Piccolo’s out-of-home adverts

The family-owned brand launched the adverts after winning competitions with Sky AdSmart and Clear Channel. They seized the opportunity to reach out to more parents, living up to their challenger brand status by completing the advert, from inception to delivery, in a matter of days.

“Piccolo was brought to life by Kane at my kitchen table since day one and he has designed every product with such freshness and artistry, so it’s really exciting to now be launching our first TV and out-of-home ads under his direction.

Cat Gazzoli, Founder of Piccolo

The adverts are in conjunction with other planned media activity, which aims to drive credibility and trust in the new premium formula, with more TV adverts planned for the future.

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You can find out more about Piccolo on their website and view the TV advert here.

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