Author: George Taylor

The Nuevo Edit: The Fashion Start-up Founded During Lock-down

Meet the Southport duo (Francesca Fitzgerald-Scahill + Laura Kenwright) who Founded The Nuevo Edit during lock-down, with a focus on timeless, classic, + neutral pieces.

Sleepgoddess Gets Mentoring From Liz Earle (Via Google x BT)

Based in Dagenham, Laurelle Darroux’s sleep troubles inspired her to launch Sleepgoddess, – a start-up that helps people to feel amazing when they first wake up.

Meet Bibevie’s Rhian Thompson

Meet Rhian Thompson from Bibevie (the planet-conscious babywear company, that’s on a mission to banish dribble bibs that never stay(s) in place).

How Olly’s Bounced Back From COVID-19 And Came Back Stronger

Olly’s is the snack start-up that everyone’s talking about: it’s a family business of snack-fanatics, with 1 simple mission: to create delicious healthy snacks.

How Drynks Are Reshaping The Alcohol Free Drinks Category.

Drynks: the ONLY British alcohol free beer, lager and cider brand, with a range of 0% (truly alcohol free, NOT 0.5% (which is classified as low alcohol) drinks.

Meet Oliver’s Cupboard, The Brand That Promotes Foodclusion.

Oliver’s Cupboard is a baby food brand that reflects the UK’s diverse society, – whilst giving babies the chance to experience world flavours from a young age.

Confident Tiger: Eco-Friendly Lingerie And Bras… THAT FITS!

Meet Confident Tiger, the BRAND NEW size-inclusive, sustainable lingerie brand that’s going out of their way to make the fashion industry a much fairer place. Confident Tiger was Founded in October 2021 by Clare Martin (who launched the brand when she discovered that 80% of people wear the wrong sized bra). With over 140 sizes […]

Meet Tania Diggory From Calmer

Calmer’s Founder, Tania Diggory is a burnout prevention expert, an international speaker, author, NLP practitioner, mindfulness teacher, mental health trainer, AND first aider. Watch the interview here.

MyBabyGrow: A World-First Sleepsuit With A Sewn-In Vest Combo

MyBabyGrow was Founded in 2021 by an Essex-based husband-and-wife duo (Pam + Ben). The product is a world-first innovative sleepsuit (with a sewn-in vest combo).

My Little Panda: A Simple Solution To Excessive Packaging.

My Little Panda: a solution to the overfilled vans that motor(s) around our streets each day, – delivering mountains of packaging waste that pile ups in the UK.