Author: George Taylor

TINCTURE London: Non-toxic Cleaning (That Smells HEAVENLY).

TINCTURE London: award-winning cleaning and home products that are 100% natural, non-toxic, antiviral, antibacterial, sustainably-sourced, and biodegradable.

Raw Dog Food By Ethically Raised: Simple, Tasty, And Ethical

Ethically Raised is biologically-appropriate. Each ingredient is sourced transparently and ethically, ensuring that your dog eats ONLY the highest quality foods.

‘It’s Our Planet Too’ Launches A ‘Tool Kit For Eco Heroes.’

Hove-based social enterprise, ‘It’s Our Planet Too’ launched a brand new eco subscription box for children on Earth Day. Its called a ‘Tool Kit For Eco Heroes.’

Dare: A Successful ‘Functional Food’ And Nutrition Start-up.

Launched in 2020, Dare is a successful ‘functional food’ and nutrition start-up, set up by an A&E doctor, named Dr Ben Hamida, and his wife, Melissa Ben Hamida.

VÍSIR: The Fashion Start-up – Inspired By Immigrant Heritage

VISIR is a brand new fashion start-up that’s co-owned by two ambitious female pioneers who aspire to disrupt B2C retail, by drawing on their immigrant heritage.

Meet Jake and Jess Munday (The Brains Behind ‘Custom Neon’)

Founded in Australia in 2018 by Jake and Jess Munday, Custom Neon creates stunning, custom-made signs. They’re handmade, and they’re sold in over 50 countries.

Soft Drinks Company Bon Accord to Supply Morrisons Supermarket

Bon Accord’s soft drinks are now available to even more Scottish consumers after the brand signed a deal to supply their naturally sweetened range to Morrisons.

Zena + Rose Has Launched A Brand New Japonisme Collection.

Zena & Rose is a London surface pattern design studio and boutique home retailer that has launched a new Japonisme collection of soft furnishings and wallpaper.

Read (And Share) Dr.PAWPAW’s Open Letter To Instagram.

Dr.PAWPAW’s open letter to Instagram: “Dear Instagram. Please reactivate @dr.pawpaw and help us continue to raise money and awareness for Teenage Cancer Trust.”

Loony Legs: Eye-catching Leggings, Shorts, And Sports Bras.

Loony Legs was Founded during lock-down. Valentina Mengoni had been living in London for roughly ten years when she took to yoga at the height of her pregnancy.