Author: George Taylor

Meet Thomas Royall + Calum Best (The Interview)

Meet Francesca Ridgewell, Lauren Corbett and Calum Best from Thomas Royall (the men’s swimwear + shorts brand) in this exclusive video interview. Watch it here.

Get Strong With tfench (Functional Fitness Exercise Kits)

tfench’s functional fitness exercise kits were designed + manufactured by a small, dedicated team, with two primary values in mind: durability, + high quality.

Vistaprint Has Revealed How Logos Can Influence Spending

New research by Vistaprint has revealed how a business’s logo can influence consumer spending when it comes to start-ups and small businesses.

Murdock Barbers of London Have Launched ‘Sea Salt Paste’

Launched by barbers for men: lock your style this winter, with Murdock Barbers of London’s BRAND NEW volume-boosting ‘Sea Salt Paste.’

Talonmore Drinks Founder Recognised At NFU Mutual’s Inspirational Young Person Awards

The 23-year-old Founder of the non-alcoholic drinks company, Talonmore Drinks, – has been recognised at NFU Mutual’s Inspirational Young Person Awards.

Dr PAWPAW (Ep.4): ‘When Business Meets Marriage’

What’s it like being married to your business partner? And should you talk shop over the dinner table? Dr.PAWPAW’s Founders, Johnny and Pauline Paterson comment.

Thomas Royall + Calum Best (Trailer)

Meet Thomas Royall: Francesca Ridgewell, Lauren Corbett and Calum Best. Coming soon…

Aaron Wallace Has Launched Into Liberty London

Aaron Wallace (the black male grooming brand) has launched into the iconic, luxury department store, Liberty London.

Liberty And Love: The New Underwear Brand For All Ages (And Shapes)

Liberty And Love was launched by a former dancer and a mum-of-3, named Beth Kates.

Survive COVID-19 With Kiana From Tooth.

If your business has taken a hit during COVID-19, fear not, as Kiana Guyon from Tooth. is here to save the day in this week’s ADVICEcast.