Dr.PAWPAW’s YOUR gorgeous SKIN Launch Event @ Electric Space

Dr.PAWPAW pulled out all the stops at Electric Space in London last week, at their three-day launch event – to celebrate the release of… ‘YOUR gorgeous SKIN.’

The multi-tasking skincare icons were joined by 450+ guests, including industry leaders, retail buyers, distributors, influencers, and the press. Electric Space was fully-transformed into a vibrant, fun, candy-striped playground of discovery – that featured a shop-like set-up, a bar, a sample-room, and a cinema. Also, each guest was gifted with a candy-striped ‘YOUR gorgeous SKIN’ goody bag.

“It was my dream to bring a multi-tasking skincare range to market – that’s suitable for everybody. This has been two years in the making. I am SO happy that I finally get to share ‘YOUR gorgeous SKIN’ with the world now,” said Dr.PAWPAW’s Co-Founder, Pauline Paterson.

“We are SO appreciative of everyone who attended our ‘YOUR gorgeous SKIN’ event at Electric Space. You have ALL played such an important part in the story/history of the Dr.PAWPAW brand. From our babysitters, to our business advisors, to our designers, to our bank managers, to our warehouse, and of course, our incredible team, you have all helped to make this happen. Thank you so much.” said Dr.PAWPAW’s Co-Founder, Johnny Paterson.

‘YOUR gorgeous SKIN’ = multi-tasking skincare, across nine products: high-performing, sustainable ingredients – at an affordable price. The range includes Dr.PAWPAW’s new, trademarked ingredient, ‘PAPAYALURONIC.’

PAPAYALURONIC provides the nourishing and soothing effects of the papaya extract, combined with eight hyaluronic acids – which absorb into all five layers of the skin – for instant, long-lasting hydration (and super-soft skin). PAPAYALURONIC works to intensely hydrate and calm the skin (providing anti-redness), Vitamin C brightens the complexion, and Bakuchiol prevents and reduces the signs of ageing (such as fine lines).

Suitable for all skin types, ‘YOUR gorgeous SKIN’ is designed to eliminate the need to purchase multiple products for multiple benefits, whilst also staying true to Dr.PAWPAW’s sustainable and planet conscious ethics. The range includes: a 3 in 1 Cleansing Balm, a 4 in 1 Serum, a Brightening Eye Cream, a Hydrating Day Cream, an SPF 50+ PA++++ Day Cream, a Rejuvenating Night Cream, a Glowing Sheet Mask, a Soothing Sheet Mask, and a Hydrating Sheet Mask.

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Planet-conscious packaging and natural formulas (with ethically-sourced ingredients) have been created to form the innovative collection (that encompasses skinplicity).

The components are 100% recyclable, they’re designed in the UK, and they’re made in Korea. And as a testament to Dr.PAWPAW’s unwavering commitment to sustainability (and the planet), the team has also ensured that all of their product tubes are made from 42% recycled plastic.

Also, because sheet masks can harm the environment, the Dr.PAWPAW team has made sure that their sheet masks are 100% biodegradable, too.

Dr.PAWPAW is a family-owned-and-run, British skincare brand – that was launched in 2013 by the husband-and-wife team, Johnny and Pauline Paterson – as a natural solution to soothe their young daughters eczema. Almost ten years on, and Dr.PAWPAW is the proud winner of 40+ awards. Now, Dr.PAWPAW can be found in more than 35 countries.

Also, Dr.PAWPAW are strong supporters of the ‘feel good beauty’ movement, by donating a fraction of their product sales each year to various charities, including the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Find out more here: https://drpawpaw.com