LONGSHOT Launches New UK Hard Seltzer Range

A can of Long Shot fruit seltzer.

LONGSHOT Drinks launches hard seltzers, a no-nonsense blend of fruit, sparkling water and alcohol.

The brand was founded in 2019, by George and Hugo – and fuelled by a rebellious spirit and a thirst for adventure.

Unlike a sugary cocktail or an uninspiring ‘gin in a tin,’ hard seltzers are light, refreshing and full of flavour — however, most are packed with artificial ingredients and fake flavours.

George and Hugo wanted something different, so they set out to create their own natural and great tasting version. After some careful crafting, a bit of experimentation and a long night or two, they invented the Long Shot fruit seltzer. 

“We made a commitment to only use the freshest and most natural ingredients – so we’re very proud to be the only UK seltzer to exclusively use real fruit juices to flavour our drinks. The result means our drinks pour a distinct and recognisable colour – not transparent like our competitors.

George and Hugo, founders of Long Shot

Each Long Shot is: 4% ABV, under 70 calories, suitable for vegans, made with natural ingredients, gluten-free and comes in environmentally friendly cans.

Unhappy with their 9-5’s, and with their new drink in hand, the Founders decided to quit their jobs, leave London and start their own company.

Hugo has always had an entrepreneurial flair — from running car washes to sports coaching, in his mid to late teens. After having a brief stint working in the ‘corporate world’, as a Chartered Surveyor, he decided enough was enough, and he went to work for a start-up. 

He has always wanted to set up his own business and working at a start-up showed him just how dynamic and varied the days can be. It was on a trip to the USA that he first tried Hard Seltzers.

George has worked in the drinks world for a number of years: first for an ethical soft-drinks brand, and then for a number of UK craft breweries, so the move to hard seltzer seemed like the next logical step for him.

“We’d noticed consumer tastes shifting away from the same old drinks options, and the over-the-top and often confusing craft alternatives. So we’re very excited to be championing the new hard seltzer alternative, and knowing that when it comes to drinking – sometimes less is more.

George and Hugo, founders of Long Shot
3 cans of Long Shot fruit seltzer, surrounded by fruit.

Long Shot launched their debut collection on Thursday 1st May 2020 with three flavours: Grapefruit, Strawberry & Rhubarb, and Raspberry & Blackcurrant.

Despite launching right at the beginning of the Covid pandemic, the pair have managed to create a strong brand with a growing following.

As well as serving a wide range of D2C orders, across the UK, they’re now stocked with a number of independent shops and off-licenses. They have also managed to secure online listings with a number of drinks distributors and are talking about possible export opportunities to Europe and beyond. 

You can find out more about Longshot Drinks here.