Female Brewers Launch Health-Conscious Beer In To Sainsbury’s

A female-founded beer brand aimed at delivering a viable alternative for wine-lovers will soon be available in select stores across the UK after they agreed a trial with Sainsbury’s.

The Good Living Brew Company will launch Binary Botanical – a sophisticated light beer for wine-lovers – in select Sainsbury’s stores, nationwide – as part of its ‘Taste of the Future’ trial, from November 2020, onward.

“We are pleased to be welcoming Binary Botanical to our shelves in the new Taste of the Future trial bay. As these hop-leaf beverages offer a lighter alternative for wine-lovers, they reflect our customers’ growing interest in the wider industry drinking trend centred around wellbeing.

Joe Davies, Sainsbury’s Taste the Future Development Executive

Binary Botanical is infused for five days with organic British hop leaves, giving it a prosecco-like taste with a clean finish. The brand is the first of its kind to commercialise the use of hop leaves, a product that otherwise goes to waste during the brewing process, creating new innovation within the brewing industry. 

This superior refreshing beverage is available with both 4% and 0.5% alcohol for consumers choosing to drink less.

The company was founded in 2018 and is based in the outskirts of the South Downs National Park.

Buy from the Gramersi Marketplace

The founders were tired of not being able to find an alcoholic drink of around 4% that wasn’t bland, bitter or sweet, so they set out to create something new. Binary Botanical is lower in alcohol and calories than wine, sugar free, vegan and gluten free.

“We set out to create a new style of beer which would appeal to wine-lovers and people who think they don’t like beer. We’re delighted to see Binary go on trial in Sainsbury’s in November making it available to more consumers across the UK in time for Christmas and Dry January. We hope people love Binary Botanical as much as we do!

Danielle Bekker, Co-founder of Good Living Bew Company

Danielle Bekker, co-founder of Good Living Brewing Co, is a supply chain professional with over 20 years’ experience in the brewing industry, including Global Brewing Innovation Director for SABMiller. A qualified chemical engineer with an MBA and an MSc in Malting & Brewing, she loves beer, innovation and food — all of which Binary encompasses.

Binary has a fresh, tangy and aromatic profile which will appeal to beer, wine and cider fans alike.

For more information, visit binarybotanical.com

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