How HeyPlants Increases Productivity And Reduces Home/Work Stress

There is a new and affordable way to bring your home and workspace to life – and boost your mental health in a positive way – and that’s through the HeyPlants marketplace, which connects plant buyers and local sellers.

The platform serves two purposes: 1 is to give small businesses a platform to showcase their products, and 2 is to give buyers an easy way to purchase online and support them. 

Founders Lynette and Alpesh birthed this natural idea out of the Covid lockdown in August 2020, when buying plants and getting in touch with sellers was becoming more difficult. 

“It was really challenging to connect with independent sellers. Many didn’t have an online presence, and if they did there was no capability to purchase online,” said Lyn, co-founder of

And to ensure their success, Lynette and Alpesh ran a 2-month campaign (on a small budget) to build a database on Facebook, which gained over 3000 registrations.

Lynette initially worked in marketing for over 10 years (in travel, media and retail) across Australia and in the UK, whilst Alpesh sprouted from a business development background, with over 8 years experience in building partnerships, and driving commercial growth.

HealthPlants understood that with temporary home offices becoming a little more permanent, your space at work and home (or both) needed to become more inviting, and comfortable, otherwise it could end up affecting your mental health and productivity.

According to a study by Human Spaces, incorporating natural elements such as greenery and sunlight can raise your productivity by 6%. And some house plants also have the added benefit of being air purifying. This means that they’ll also help to remove toxins and improve air quality.

“It’s important to pick the right plant for you and your space,” says Co-founder Lynette. “You need to consider the level of sunlight your room receives, the size of your space, and how much time you are willing to invest in your plant.

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But don’t you worry, as here are some example of plants that HeyPlants recommends to reinvigorate your space:

1. Small spaces: a small cacti or succulent is the perfect size to pop on your desk or windowsill

2. Empty shelves: try a trailing plant like a Pilea Greysy. This will immediately brighten up your room and add more dimension

3. Large spaces: add a splash of colour with a tall Kentia palm or moss pole monstera plant. This will elevate any space from drab to fab instantly.

4. Air purification: if working from home is getting a bit stale try devil’s ivy or a peace lily. These plants have both been found to remove pollutants from the air.

5. Low maintenance: if you’re a serial plant-killer, or looking for something that thrives on neglect then try a hardy ZZ plant or snake plant.

You can find out more about HeyPlants here.