Transform Your Home With Ava May Aromas’ Scented Candles

As the UK entered yet another lockdown, Brits started to crave those all-familiar smells that reminded them of a clean and safe home, which consequently drove the demand for candles and diffusers inspired by fabric softeners and cleaning products to the stratosphere (and then some).

Of course, Ava May Aromas responded to this demand.

Now one of Britain’s leading scented candle and wax melt suppliers, Ava May Aromas, which is loved by the ‘queen of clean,’ Mrs Hinch, revealed that scents based on cleaning products had reached record-breaking sales during lockdown, overtaking previous favourites which were inspired by designer perfumes.

Ava May Aromas Founder, Hannah Chapman, said: ‘During the lockdown, we were amazed to see just how much the nation was craving that sense of normality and cleanliness.’

She also added: ‘Of course we were all frantically hand washing and cleaning everything that came through the door, and it seemed that the panic ongoing outside made Brits want to ensure their homes were as clean, happy and tranquil as possible.’

Hannah now thinks that ‘clean’ will become the ‘fragrance of lockdown,’ as it sparks memories of what it all feels like to stay indoors at a safe place – away from all the chaos.

Ava May Aromas’ bestsellers were previously based on designer ‘dupes,’ such as Alien Invasion, which is inspired by Thierry Mugler’s Alien, and Aventos For Men, which is inspired by Creed’s Aventus, but their top 10 products completely changed throughout the lockdown period.

For example, their Spring Awakening scent (which is inspired by Lenor’s Spring Awakening range), and their ZoFlo Linen Fresh (which is inspired by Zoflora’s Linen Fresh range), became their top two scents during lockdown.

Other popular scenets included Fairy Soft, inspired by Fairy fabric softener, Baby Powder, inspired by Johnson’s Baby Powder, and Flash.

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Ava May Aromas, which has now sold more than four million wax melts since the brand launched in 2018, offers a wide range of dupe designer scents in candles, diffusers, room sprays and more. They also offer soy wax that is certified vegan and cruelty-free. 

Hannah Chapman poured her heart out whilst creating Ava May Aromas just two years ago, making her first candles at her parents’ kitchen table when she was just 23.

Initially, she had a full-time job at a social media agency, but she just wasn’t enjoying it. And so, she was strongly encouraged to ‘try’ self-employment by her dad – who is now her business partner – although he wasn’t too keen at first, when she told him she wanted to make and sell candles.

Hannah started out on Instagram and now has four million followers along with 10 units and more than 20 members of staff making her products.

To help her business grow, Hannah thanks her good friend Mrs Sophie Hinch, to whom she sent a few samples at the beginning of her business. Mrs Hinch loved them and recommended her on her page. 

Ava May Aromas’ founder Hannah said: ‘The Hinch effect is certainly having an impact on our business as whatever Sophie recommends to her followers cleaning-wise, we get requests for scents.’

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