40 Years In The Making: Traditional, Premium Dog-Food Brand ‘Jackson’s UK,’ Launches Top-Quality Dog Food

Jackson’s UK offers a pragmatic approach to canine feeding, with their new super-premium British dog food products.

The product is highly palatable, tempting even the fussiest of dogs with its’ fresh flavours and appealing aromas. Welcomed by professional canine trainers, pet customers and selected retailers, Jackson’s UK is for those who seek real canine luxury. 

Paralympic dressage rider, Natasha Baker MBE is a fan and ambassador of the brand and she said:

“As a Paralympic Dressage Gold Medallist, I take a carefully considered approach to feeding my competition horses, so why would my dog be any different? Over the years, I have tried lots of big household dog food brands with Poppy, but Jackson’s UK is different. Not only does Poppy love the fresh flavours of the delicious recipes, but I love the fact that each meal she tucks into is nutritionally balanced, full of the good stuff and is made in the UK by dog lovers, for dog lovers!’

Natasha Baker MBE

Jackson’s UK support British farms and fisheries, and with their world leading manufacturing site, they bake their extraordinary produce at an extremely low temperature of just 82 degrees, as traditional dog food is normally rendered at 300 degrees, thereby depleting all of the nutritional value.

The owner of Jackon’s UK, Jackie Smith proudly said: ‘We offer a revolutionary ethos in canine feeding, advocating, size appropriate protein models with freshly prepared and human grade protein rations.’

Small proteins, such as Salmon, Trout and Chicken make up the small breed range, while at the other end of the spectrum, Beef is also on the menu for those larger breeds (kibbles are also size appropriate). 

The principle here is: “if your dog couldn’t successfully hunt it, they shouldn’t eat it,” said Jackie Smith.

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There is absolute clarity on exactly what each recipe includes, even down to the type of oils they use which are all clearly marked on the composition placed on their elegant traditional eco-friendly brown paper and slate bags.

All oils are made on site, not bought in, meaning that there is little to no oxidisation and are labelled precisely, no general ‘fish oils,’ just 100% Salmon Oil. 

Jackson’s are very particular about where their proteins and ingredients derive, using only trusted farmers and boasting a fully traceable production process. All of the protein sources are human grade at source, free run and grass fed.

Jacksons UK is a family story that began around the kitchen table some 40 years ago, as Jackie Smith’s mother, June, prepared fresh food daily for her desperately sick Doberman puppy. 

The puppy who began life with a severe strain of PAVO, not only recovered, but grew to be an 11 stone Doberman, living until the ripe old age of 14, which is considerably old for the breed. Belief in her own nutritional programme and ethos inspired June to share it with her daughter who would later look to make it a reality for all dog lovers. 

In a modern society, where people have less time to create nutritional culinary delights for their dogs, Jackson’s UK offers the highest quality ingredients and world leading manufacturing processes, crowned with first-class customer service.

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