‘Life’s Not Yoga’: An Author Who Suffered 9 Near-Death Experiences Tells Her Story

After suffering with NINE near-death experiences (and multiple other life traumas), author and Founder of the ‘Dare To Be Love’ movement, Jacqui Burnett – has decided to open up and tell her life-affirming story, in her new book: ‘Life’s Not Yoga.’

Launching in the UK this month, her fast-paced memoir is the perfect lockdown escape, and its’ life lessons will help readers to navigate through various crises’ they come across in their own lives. 

In the book, writer, Jacqui – tells her life story, including the years she was abused by her father, the time she narrowly escaped being killed in a car accident, the time(s) she made two suicide attempts, and also the spirit-crushing David and Goliath style battle she endured with a global accounting firm.

But her soul-searching journey of recovery and self-discovery as she entered her forties inspired a new ‘Dare To Be Love’ movement, which amassed 40,000 followers and led her to put pen to paper to finally tell her own life story.

The life coach and business mentor, who was raised in South Africa, said the book was ‘driven by an instinctive need to help others not only survive but thrive in the face of unthinkable adversity.

Jacqui added:

“A few years ago, an avalanche of events stripped me of everything I valued and a life I thought was perfect. Even though I had endured and seemingly come out the other side of numerous traumas, I came to a point in my life when I realised that a bucket load of therapy had not really solved anything. I was stalked by unresolved anger and all the damage that my history had inflicted on my own sense of self and who I believed I was.”

But first Jacqui had to go back to where the damage was done to even contemplate moving forward. Hence the first part of ‘Life’s Not Yoga’ explores her childhood and her twenties, and the emotionally abusive relationship that she had with her father, laying a raw account of her trauma(s), and the sheer anguish she felt.

In the second part of the book, Jacqui takes an eighteen-month journey across America searching for answers after a decade-long battle with Deloitte, which ended in something of a hollow victory, which Jacqui herself sees as more of a failure, especially with the destruction of her marriage.

Described as ‘compulsory’ reading for all by Giles Griffin, the book aims to appeal to those living through challenging relationships with loved ones, society, one’s past and themselves.

The themes are universal but what makes this memoir different, is that the dialogue is cracking, coupled with Jacqui’s unapologetic authentic voice and her hard-won belief in discovering her own path to a Higher Power. This combination makes for compelling storytelling,” said Giles Griffin.

Jacqui Burnett seeks to help people question their truth(s), along with being a business leader, coach, author and speaker, and although Life’s Not Yoga is her first writing, it is certainly not the last, as she is planning on releasing more stories over the next few year or two.

Find out more over at: https://jacquiburnett.com