Pictorial Meadows Has Launched Their ‘Bee Happy Meadow Turf’ – An Instant Designer Meadow

Pictorial Meadows has launched their ‘Bee Happy Meadow Turf’ – an instant designer meadow, which is perfect for any setting, and can be installed within hours, and lasts for weeks.

Pictorial Meadows provides customers with the opportunity and luxury to have their own instant garden, with 29 different species of flowering plants, carefully balanced within the Bee Happy Meadow Turf, combining British native wildflowers and non-invasive wildflowers from around the world. 

This results in a visually pleasing, long flowering season – together with higher pollen and nectar availability, helping to sustain the bee populations essential for pollination.

Turf Production Manager, Lian was proud to say: ‘Bee Happy Meadow Turf is the result of 15 years of dedication to understanding the unique characteristics of the many plants that make up meadow communities, and how our pollinators and other invertebrates interact with them. By carefully balancing a broad selection of species, we are able to offer a meadow that is incredibly simple to establish, is visually stunning, and offers fantastic support for biodiversity.’

Installation is simple, making it suitable for all types of gardeners. 

The meadow is grown on a biodegradable mesh, which is then lifted from the fields, and transported on pallets to its new home. The turf is then laid directly onto clean earth, and will be in flower within a few weeks (depending on the time of year).

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Since the plants are perennial, the turf will develop and evolve over a number of years, creating a truly unique, colourful and nature supporting meadow.

Pictorial Meadows sprouted 15 years ago, thanks to Professor Nigel Dunnet.

Nigel is a Professor of Planting Design and Urban Horticulture in the Department of Landscape Architecture at the University of Sheffield, and he has grown to become an expert in designer meadows, creating award-winning meadow turf(s), with ‘Bee Happy’ being their latest product, designed to encourage biodiversity and support bee populations.

Now, Pictorial Meadows have become known across the UK and beyond, as ‘The Meadow Experts’ and is part of the not-for-profit Green Estate Community Interest Company. The company has also been featured in many renowned magazines such as Gardens Illustrated, and the Garden Design Journal and many others.

To find out more, head to https://www.pictorialmeadows.co.uk