Sustainable, Plastic-Free Firewood Startup, Love Logs – Branches Out Into BBQ + Charcoal Products

Following on from a blazing start to 2021, Midlands-based firewood start-up, Love Logs has just launched their BRAND NEW barbecue and charcoal products, their ‘Smoking Fuel Kit,’ their ‘Barbecue Fuel Kit,’ and their ‘Smoking Chunks.’

Love Logs is the UK’s FIRST EVER 100% plastic-free firewood retailer, and the brand launched during lock-down, last year – in 2020. The Founders, Heather Emery and Paul Strachan, – are now expanding their ethically-sourced options, – making sustainable product choices more accessible to consumers than ever before.

Coming with a variety of sizes and customisable options for customers, the brand’s NEW barbecue kits – promise(s) to help customers ‘level up’ their barbecue game, as the return of outdoor entertainment and the summer months approach(es).

Eco-conscious shoppers can now to choose between two different fuel kits for this spring and summer:

  • Their ‘Barbecue Fuel Kit’ contains 12kg of sustainable British lump-wood charcoal, and 16 natural firelighters: enough to fire up your charcoal barbecue up to eight times. 
  • For the more adventurous, their ‘Smoking Fuel Kit’ combines firelighters, charcoal and British smoking chunks to add epic flavour, and is available to purchase in small and large quantities. 
  • ‘Smoking Chunks’ are also available as an individual purchase with four British species: Oak, Cherry, Alder and Ash, – which can be used separately, or mixed, – to create subtle changes in flavour to your food.

On commenting on the launch of their new fuel kits, Heather Emery, a Co-founder of Love Logs said:

“We’re so excited to launch our new Smoking and Barbecue Fuel Kits this month, just in time for spring socialising! Whether you’re a barbecue pro or just starting out, these kits are a sure-fire way to upgrade your cooking experience. With loads of options to choose from, we’re confident that there’s something to suit every ability and budget.

She also said: “Plus, we’re extremely proud that our British charcoal and smoking woods are derived exclusively from sustainable British woodlands, and are not only better for the environment, but also help to support local suppliers and small businesses like ourselves.

All of Love Logs’ firewood and charcoal products are sustainably sourced from British woodland, and are delivered to customers’ doors across the UK, in 100% plastic-free packaging.

“We wanted to diversify our offering, to meet consumer demand, – and to be a driving force for change within our industry – no matter the size of the business. We’re really proud to be continuously expanding our range, and allowing a broader range of customers to make more sustainable choices, and when we found out that more than 90% of charcoal used in the UK is imported, it felt like a natural next step,” said Heather.

Since launching, Love Logs has planted over 5,000 trees in association with Eden Reforestation Projects, and continues to plant two trees for every order received.

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