Annie With Alex: A Mother + Daughter Duo, – Who Design(s) And Make(s) Eco-Friendly, Reversible Multi-Use Bags

Launched in 2017, Annie with Alex is run by a mother and daughter duo, – who design(s) and hand-make(s) eco-friendly, reversible multi-use bags.

Their ‘Ocean Eco’ range is made using recycled water bottles collected from the ocean, and old ship sails from local sailing clubs. The brand provides cotton canvases which are naturally dyed, – minimising water pollution. And, their British wool is sourced directly from premium factory end-of-lines, – reducing landfill.

Annie (the mother) and Alex’s (the daughter) first collection was inspired by a particular accessory: the drawstring bag, which was first designed (and lovingly made) by Annie for her granddaughter, and the product has been a core family staple ever since.  

Like most families, we had bags of children’s “tat” around the house, but when we were running out the door, we could never find a bag to hold all of the core essentials needed to keep our daughter busy whilst we were out, and which either parent was happy to carry,” explained Co-Founder Annie.

With this in mind, we designed “The Pub Bag.” This unisex drawstring bag looks good, and holds everything that kids need to keep them entertained, so you can eat a meal out as peacefully as possible,” she said.

Their classic waterproof bucket bags can be used for: storing toiletries in the bathroom, holding cleaning items, toys and plants, and are perfect for the beach. Not just that, but each bag is reversible, which means they can be turned inside out if you fancy a stylistic change.

Beautifully handcrafted in Hertfordshire, each bag also comes with an added touch: its own unique vintage key. ‘We like to think these beautiful keys have a story to tell,’ said the mother-and-daughter design duo.

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Annie With Alex’s ‘Eco Ocean’ range was inspired by the duo’s personal connection to the sea: Annie’s Dad, Syd, – was a yachtsman. He loved sailing so much, that he designed and built a yacht in their back garden in Scotland. His passion also led him to create an art studio made out of old wood, where he created oil paintings and bags from redundant sails.

“Among his many other talents, my father used to upcycle old sails into bags, – which gave us the idea for our ‘Eco Ocean’ range, and both of us still use our sail bags, – which he gifted to us over 40 years ago! Since then, the world has changed so much, and we believe we can help, – by creating consciously, sustainable, and stylish, bags,” said Annie.

Prior to launching their brand, Annie and Alex both held successful, yet very different careers: Annie was initially a teacher, before opening a small business in the 90’s, named ‘Tile House Designs,’ – in which she designed, created and made personalised lace bags, lace cushions and Potpourri.

Alex previously worked in sales and marketing, where she travelled around the world for many well-known brands, such as: Coca Cola, Walkers, PepsiCo and Bacardi, and she helped retailers to develop strategies for long and short-term growth.

And now, their business has thrived beautifully, with repeat sales, and various upcoming appearances for 2021 Fairs, such as: the Hampton Court Flower Show, the RHS Hyde Hall Flower Show, Hatfield House, and Hever Castle.

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