Learn The Art Of Stitching, With A ‘Make Happy Club Box,’ From Ellbie Co.

Ellbie Co. has launched a BRAND NEW crafting subscription box: the ‘Make Happy Club Box,’ – which is aimed at new stitchers, – who desire a surprise new project to work on, each month.

The ‘Make Happy Club Box’s’ focus, – is to use stitching as a tool for mindfulness. Their projects are specifically designed for, – and aimed at people who simply want to enjoy the process of making and creating, as opposed to the need (or desire) for perfection.

Their packaging is plastic-free, and compostable. And unlike similar boxes that contain(s) a lot of unnecessary extras (that usually ends up adding to the world’s waste issue), – each box contains one thing, and one thing only: a high-quality, beautiful stitching project that is easy to complete in a month.

Becci Mai, the Founder of Ellbie Co. (and the woman behind The Make Happy Club Box), – noticed that during the pandemic, stitching crafts (such as cross stitch and embroidery) rose in demand, – with more people than ever before joining the crafting craze to keep them busy during lock-down and/or furlough.

Becci said: ‘The Make Happy Club Box was designed to encourage more people to use stitching as a tool for mindfulness, and to learn a new skill. I wanted to design projects that are beautiful when completed, but that are also accessible to beginners. And, I wanted the boxes to be as eco-friendly as possible, so consequently, – all packaging is plastic free and compostable.’

She also added: ‘I hope that the Make Happy Club Box will bring a bit of crafting joy to people’s letterboxes during what has been a very dark year, – whilst also providing donations to numerous different charities, and hopefully spreading a bit of extra goodness that we all need this year.’

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Since a very young age, Becci has always loved making things, with a house full of unfinished projects (that she keeps meaning to complete), and she loves being surrounded by colour, – which became her drive to create Ellbie Co. As she worked in Korea for a year as an English teacher, her designs are heavily influenced by the ‘Kawaii,’ and other popular culture designs of the country.

Since 2016, Becci has gone on to grow the business organically, and she’s also supplied customers across the world with thousands of new crafting projects. Her online community of crafters now sits at over 20K across all social platforms, and Ellbie Co. also donates £3 per box sold to charity,

To date, the Make Happy Club Box has been featured on BBC national news, Radio 5 live, and in various crafting publications.

Becci is a keen speaker, a feminist, an advocate for women in business, and she’s published her first book: ‘Craft Your Own Happy,’ – published by White Owl Books, – which contains 25 crafting projects with clear photographed steps, and a focus on crafting for mental wellbeing. Her book can be found in all major book shops across the UK, and internationally.

Find out more here: https://www.ellbie.co