Hex MRC: The Manchester Streetwear Label That’s Already Caught The Eye Of Celebrities, Including The Thomas Brothers + Bristol City Footballer, Danny Simpson

Hex MCR is a BRAND NEW streetwear label from Manchester, that’s already caught the eye of celebrities, – including the Thomas brothers and Bristol City footballer, Danny Simpson. 

Co-Founders, Luke Powell and Andy Gibson (two construction professionals from Manchester), – started Hex MCR in October last year, during the midst of the pandemic, – with a small collection of trucker hats.

And after receiving a huge surge in demand, they’ve now expanded into a fully organic range of unisex clothing with clever biodegradable packaging that dissolves in hot water. Hex MCR’s first four collections are called ORGANICS, Core, Caged and Origin, all of which provide(s) unisex clothing and accessories inspired by Mancunian culture, with some featuring a worker bee: Manchester’s iconic symbol. 

ORGANICS is the brand’s exciting new sustainable collection, which includes a range of unisex hoodies, t-shirts, joggers, shorts, bags and caps, – all of which are made with GOTS-certified organic cotton and recycled polyester. Customers who buy products from this range will receive purchases in Hex’s premium packaging: a box with biodegradable, water-soluble packaging that dissolves in hot water.

Origin and Caged (the brand’s initial launches from last year), – are both trucker and distressed cap collections with the classic Hex logo embroidered on the front panel.

Co-founder Luke Powell said: “We’d been discussing starting a clothing business together for quite some time, and we noticed that streetwear had been growing in popularity and lockdown had accelerated the demand for athleisure clothing to chill, workout and work in, so despite the economic uncertainty, – we decided to take the plunge and set up the business during the pandemic.”

The business has only been trading for six months, and it’s already experienced a 400% increase in sales from month one to month five, thanks to its initial interest from celebrities and influencers, including: Scott and Adam Thomas, footballer Danny Simpson, Sigma’s Joe Lenzie and Love Island’s Callum Jones to name just a few.

Seeing footballers, reality TV stars and other celebrities wearing Hex MCR products is a huge confidence boost for us,” said Co-Founder Andy. “We wanted to create an authentic, premium brand with humble, urban origins, and we feel that’s what makes the products attractive — it’s relatable. We also believe that customer experience is crucial, which is why we send orders in premium packaging: even when you’re shopping online, there is still an experience to be had.

Find out more here: https://hexmcr.com