Start Your Day With Positivity, With A Happiness Habits Jar, By adbra®

The Happiness Habits Jar by adbra® includes 30 days of self-kindness, journaling and motivation. The product is handmade in East London, and it includes colourful notes to make your day, week, and month a positive one, – by promoting positivity and love amongst you, your family, and your friends.

The Happiness Habits Jar also helps people to manage their mental health in a fun, creative and colourful new way. Their ‘Positive Affirmation Jar’ has been an absolute hit so far, and it helps customers with:

  • Self-kindness,
  • Regaining confidence,
  • Mental health and resilience,
  • And forming healthy habits.

Each glass jar is packed full of 30 positive, colourful notes, and the lid is wrapped in jute twine with an instruction tag, and recycled tissue, – and it’s presented in a kraft gift box. The jars make a great gift for friends and relatives, and after the month is up, – the jar can be passed on as a gift that keeps on giving.

adbra® and their Happiness Habit Jars launched in the Summer of 2020, thanks to Co-Founders Adel and Libby, – who both faced challenging times with their own mental health, and they sought to help others with their research. The pair has both experienced periods of anxiety and depression.

Libby recalled on her experience: ‘We started to try proven-techniques to improve our well-being, and after some breakthroughs, we realised that we could simplify the advice, and incorporate the tools we’d learned into a range of planners, jars and cards. We now have a load of resources on our website and a Happiness Habits podcast, – where we discuss mental health challenges with others who have faced their own challenges, and what they did to feel better.’

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Libby and Adel both worked in manufacturing prior to starting adbra®. They managed teams in engineering and operations for big brands, but they were excited to move on to something new that could have a positive impact on people’s well-being. Their ‘Happiness Habits Jars’ have now passed a milestone of 150 YEARS (54,750 days) of happiness shared through their jars over lockdown.

The pair said: ‘We are SO GLAD that our jars are bringing joy to people’s every day during tough times. We are touched by all of the gift messages our customers write, – showing us that people are really supporting each other and prioritising their mental health. It’s all about finding simple ways to deal with life’s ups and downs, and we’re honoured that we can be a part of someone else’s journey towards feeling happier and more fulfilled.’

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