Lord Sugar Has Invested In Jemma Solomon From ‘The Label Lady.’

Lord Sugar has just announced that he has invested in ‘The Label Lady,’ which was set up by an Essex-based entrepreneur, named Jemma Solomon.

The Label Lady is a bespoke, personalised-labelling company that was launched by Jemma just prior to the COVID19 outbreak, – last year in January 2020. The business creates fun and stylish, easy-to-apply labels that makes it quick and easy for you to organise your life in a neat-and-tidy way: at home, and in the office.

The brand provides a huge collection of pre-made labels, as well as giving you the option to customise your own labels, with a vast selection of fonts and colours. Jemma has also created a wide a range of self-empowerment labels that includes quotes and motivational slogans, that can be applied to everything from mirrors to stationery, – spreading positivity around your home and office, one label at a time.

The 33-year-old mother of 2 from Essex first began creating labels as a hobby, and as a release from the pressures of her day job. Previously, she worked in childcare, and in the wedding event and venue sector, as well as going to University at 21 years old to qualify as a Paediatric nurse. But, it was that first ever labelling machine that she got back in 2016, where she found her true calling in life: labels. 

Initially, Jemma started out by making labels for water bottles and other household items as gifts for her friends and family. But quickly, the craze and her passion grew, and she decided to expand the concept. Driven by her sheer love for labels, the entrepreneur began to adapt her label-crafting skills to everything, from: balloons, to signs, to memory boxes, to cake toppers, to wedding stationery, and more.

Remarkably, just 18 months into the business, Jemma decided that she needed help to scale up her company. She had long been a fan of Lord Sugar, and so she decided take a punt, and write to him for advice. But what she expected to be a wise, friendly piece of advice, – turned into a life-changing opportunity.

Lord Sugar quickly got back in touch with her to arrange a call, and the pair hit it off instantly. And within just a few months, he made her an offer she couldn’t refuse: he wanted to invest in her business, and become her business partner: “I was very impressed with Jemma when I met her,” recalled Lord Sugar.

“She is highly determined, hard-working, and with The Label Lady, she has created a brand that taps into the trend for home tidying. I was particularly impressed with the way in which she had managed to scale the business in such a short space of time on social media, and built such a large and loyal customer base with little-to-no marketing spend. I am looking forward to working with Jemma to help her scale the business, and to take it to the next level,” he added.

Understandably buzzing and excited for the next step, Jemma said:

“I can honestly say I never expected that in 18 months, I would work my absolute butt off enrolling my family, my friends, and even my neighbours during what would become the busiest time of my life. And to go on to meet such an amazing person in Lord Sugar is nothing short of surreal. I cannot believe that I can officially call him my business partner. I have so many amazing ideas and plans, and every day I wake up excited about what I am going to create next!”

Organise your life, today. Find out more here: https://www.thelabellady.shop