The Workbench: The World’s FIRST EVER DIY Ring-Carving Kit

The Workbench is the world’s FIRST EVER design-your-own ring carving kit: the result of a lightbulb moment in 2014 between two best friends, – Katie and Kirstie.

“We met whilst studying a jewellery degree in 2007, and we became friends fast. We bonded over our love for music, and we soon became joined at the hip,” explained Kirstie: “Once we graduated from our Jewellery degree, we both decided to live together with some girlfriends, and this is where The Workbench concept was born.

One evening in 2014, the duo had planned an embroidery craft night in their kitchen. All they needed to do was bring threads and fabric, but Katie hadn’t brought any components to join in, so being a jeweller, – she decided to carve a wax ring for a customer order instead. 

‘Whilst she was carving the wax, we looked at each other and we said: ‘hang on, we could all do this!’ And that was our eureka moment. The following day, we just so happened to have booked a mini holiday to Suffolk, and over the course of that weekend, we had curated our unique and original concept,’ said Kirstie.

The Workbench’s mission is to provide one-of-a-kind rings: designed and carved by customers in their own homes, and cast and polished by professional jewellers.

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Using recycled metals and ethical gemstones, the kits provide a creative, conscious alternative to fast fashion. They’ve been featured in Vogue, Elle and TimeOut London, – and they’ve collaborated with the likes of Fortnum & Mason, The V&A, Nike, and Topshop. 

Not only did the Workbench launch at a time when the trend for attending workshops and craft nights kicked off, but the duo soon realised just how much of a positive impact their business was having on people’s mental health. They’ve created a business that not only allows customers to be creative, but to switch off and practice mindfulness, too. And this became even more apparent during the COVID19 pandemic.

Their range of kits includes The Wedding Band Box, The Signet Box, and the Gemstone Box. 

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