Meet Ewan Jones + George Dyer From Echor (Sleep Specialists)

The UK’s FIRST EVER one-stop shop for premium sleep products, Echor, – is celebrating their one year anniversary since launching during the pandemic in 2020.

Having sold over 5,000 units of their bestselling Total Blackout Eye Mask alone, the sleep start-up has gone from strength-to-strength: from expanding their product range, to launching an exclusive pop-up shop experience with the leading department store, John Lewis, – the future looks positive for the sleep-led business.

Co-founded by Ewan Jones and George Dyer (who also launched the sports equipment brand, Safejawz together in 2014), Echor is a range of science-backed sleep aids and wellness products, including nutritional supplements, night guards, aromatherapy products, and homeware. 

Alongside their premium product range, they’ve also launched their signature Sleep Quiz, designed to provide customers with a holistic shopping experience. Using AI-technology, the Sleep Quiz offers bespoke advice and product recommendations based on each customer’s sleeping habits, and on their general health and wellbeing.

Ewan Jones said: “We’re absolutely delighted to be celebrating our first anniversary! The past 12 months have been such an incredible journey, and we’re SO pleased that our vision to provide the UK with premium, science-backed sleeping products has resonated so strongly with our customers.

“With over 4,000 responses to our Sleep Quiz to date, it’s clear to us that the demand for wellness-led sleep solutions is continuing to grow, and we’re determined to lead the way when it comes to offering consumers with clear and concise advice that’s tailored to their personal preferences,” they added.

All of Echor’s premium sleep products are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. The start-up on a mission to optimise your wellbeing potential through improved sleep, and a more restful end-of-day experience. Whether you have a specific sleep disorder, or you just want to treat yourself to a more relaxing bed-time ritual, Echor offers science-backed products that will give you the relaxation and night’s sleep you deserve.

Having both met whilst studying together at the University of Manchester in 2012, Ewan Jones and George Dyer have since worked together across multiple business ventures: they launched the specialist sports equipment brand, SAFEJAWZ in 2014.

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With COVID-19 slowing down the sales of their sports equipment overnight, the duo seized the opportunity to embrace a new venture that they were both passionate about.

Inspired by Ewan and George’s personal struggles with achieving a better work-life balance during the onset of the pandemic, the pair were fuelled to source and develop the best sleep products on the market. The two became obsessed with perfecting the art of sleep and making premium, affordably-priced products more accessible to the mainstream market. 

Using their years of product development expertise, they developed a range of bestselling products, such as their Anti-Bacterial and their Anti-Snoring Night Guards, to help treat specific sleep conditions, such as Bruxism and teeth grinding. This then led them to develop further complementary products to enhance the overall quality of sleep, providing customers with a multitude of vegan, cruelty-free products to suit every wellness need.

From being featured in the The Independent and The Metro, to partnering with household names such as Dr Alex George, AND launching a physical pop-up store in John Lewis in Cheltenham, the two have truly carved out their niche within the sleep and wellness industry.

Echor have also just announced that they’re being featured in the Situ Live concept store in Westfield shopping centre, as well as gearing up to launch a range of new products within the coming months.

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