Rent, Lease, Or Buy Satatland’s “One-Stop” Circular Fashion.

Satatland is disrupting the fashion industry, with their revolutionary new one-stop-shop, – where you can rent, lease, or buy their innovative circular fashion.

Launched in January this year (2021) by Karishma Gupta, Satatland is all about ownership-free, circular fashion: the brand makes beautiful, sustainable fashion, with materials that either reduces pollution, restores biodiversity, or preserves garments.

Satatland’s online shop gives customers the choice to buy based on how often they want to repeat their outfits (rent, lease, or buy). Once you’re done with your outfit, Satatland will simply take it back for responsible reuse, or to recycle in exchange for a 10% discount on your next purchase.

What differentiates Satatland from other brands and rental platforms, is their holistic approach: as a brand, not only do they design their own products, but they also offer them out to rent, lease, or buy: once an outfit is no longer wearable (or required), they’ll simply take it back for responsible recycling. 

Karishma Gupta is a fashion technologist and an entrepreneur (she has worked with textile and apparel manufacturers in the east, and retail in the west). Karishma noticed how the rivers had turned toxic, and how land was being devastated for clothes that are worn once or twice. Because of what she witnessed, she decided to put an end to the madness, and to start Satatland with the dream of createing a zero-compromise fashion brand.

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Karishma also studied an MA in Fashion Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the London College of Fashion, and she took a Bachelors in Fashion Technology at the NIFT in India. One of their gowns is made using fishing nets and carpets from landfill, and another one of their dresses is made using wood (Tencel).

“I believe in the power of positive Circular Fashion. Satatland is the future through which we can keep enjoying fashion, fund communities, and restore our environment,” said Karishma.

Since launching, Satatland has been approved and accepted into the Ellen MacArthur Foundation community as a circular fashion start-up. They brand is also listd on two marketplaces, and they’ve ran successful popups in Oxford Circus, Bond Street, and in Covent Garden, London.

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