AndSisters Launches A Limited Edition Organic Cotton T-Shirt

&SISTERS has just launched their BRAND NEW, limited-edition, organic cotton t-shirt (to celebrate their zero-waste nüdie Period Cup).

The launch will contribute to the brand’s overarching mission of improving the quality of people’s lives, globally.

&SISTERS are certified as an organic company by the Soil Association. Their brand new t-shirt is made from organic cotton (as are their pads and tampons). Unlike most period products (which are usually made from up to 95% plastic), the &SISTERS range is made with 100% organic cotton, instead.

To celebrate the nüdie Period Cup (which to date, – has stopped 16 million disposable plastic period products from ending up in landfill), &SISTERS is launching a brand new organic cotton t-shirt and nüdie Period Cup bundle with Make Thread. The bundle retails for a special price of £45 (of which £5 will be donated to the all-female sailing research and pioneers, eXXpedition CIC).

Founded in 2014, eXXpedition CIC is a not-for-profit organisation that provides all-female sailing research expeditions at sea, and virtual voyages on land to examine the causes and solutions to the ocean plastic pollution crisis.

The project holds huge meaning for the company, as period products are one of the five most common forms of ‘plastic waste’ washed up on EU beaches. &SISTERS have set out to change this, by providing a range of sustainable options for people who bleed.

As a business, &SISTERS is a female-founded wellness brand that’s on a mission to create high-quality feminine care products to improve the quality of women’s lives globally. Founded by a mother-daughter duo (named Claire and Lucy Lettice), &SISTERS were one of the FIRST sustainable period brands to disrupt the market back in 2017.

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Having both experienced the same stigma and shame when it comes to periods, the mother and daughter duo set out to create the most extensive, hyper-personalised range of 100% organic, vegan, and plastic-free products, – centred around 3 key principles: better for our bodies, better for our planet, and better for our sisters. 10% of their profits are dedicated to supporting female health, education, and economic empowerment across the planet.

Prior to launching &SISTERS, one of the brand’s Co-Founders, Claire Lettice spent 25 years working across large multinationals, including Bodyform and Dove, as well as with/for many start-ups. Shocked that UNICEF estimates that at least 1 in 10 girls in Africa and India miss or drop out of school because of their periods, Claire is now on a mission to #endperiodpoverty, and to empower women and girls across the globe.

&SISTERS’ other Co-Founder, Lucy Lettice comes from a background in buying. She previously worked for a zero waste start-up, a health-food chain, and a large corporate retailer. Amazed that ‘Generation Y’ are still squeamish when it comes to talking about periods, she’s here to #smashtaboos, and to promote the joy of living lightly with eco-alternatives. 

“We’re totally transparent about our products, our ingredients and our production processes. We ONLY use the very best ingredients, and we’re always testing and improving our products to give you quality period protection. We’re dedicated to using the most earth-friendly ingredients and processes out there, and we’re on a mission to ensure that our sisters are never held back by their period(s),” said the duo.

Embroidered with a unique (and fun) “let’s get nüdie” slogan, the limited edition t-shirt and nüdie Period Cup is now available for purchase on the &SISTERS website (which launched on the 16th September this year (2021).