Meet Fatmah Hussain From CARAT, The Luxury Footwear Brand.

Find out how Fatmah Hussain (from the luxury, Middle Eastern footwear brand, CARAT) managed to survive the COVID-19 pandemic, and come back stronger.

CARAT is a luxury footwear brand for women, which was Founded and launched in 2019 by a Kuwaiti designer, named Fatmah Hussain. After discovering her true passion for fashion (and after embarking on a prestigious training course in Milan), Fatmah infused her newly-found knowledge with her own personal style, leading to the birth of CARAT.

As with every business, CARAT faced many challenges and setbacks during the pandemic. However, with Fatmah’s leadership, the brand not only survived, but it thrived. During this time, CARAT manufactured four new collections featuring stylish, season-less designs that stands out on the runway, in the office, in the club, and in the store. Her unique designs skyrocketed sales to a new level, and several of her designs sold out entirely.

CARAT raises the bar when it comes to designer footwear. CARAT transforms high heels into pieces of wearable art. Each shoe is skilfully designed, and is made with high-quality, Italian leather (which is handcrafted in Italy), and is engraved with synthetic gems (a signature feature of the brand), – setting CARAT apart from the crowd.

Fatmah uses secrets of Italian footwear, cultural influences, and her own personal style to design and create unique, innovative footwear. Each piece is crafted to make a statement, and to capture a unique sense of couture fashion. CARAT never compromises on comfort or materials, despite the unique architecture of each shoe.

“CARAT shoes are designed for fearless ladies who are meticulous, and who know what they want in a shoe: quality, authenticity, and comfort. Make no mistake when spotting CARAT’s designs in the market, with the brand’s statement architectural heel, and our use of authentic leathers,” said Fatmah.

Prior to launching CARAT, Fatmah previously worked in the oil industry for over a decade.

But after discovering her true passion (and her previously unknown talent for fashion and design), in 2018, Fatmah travelled to, and trained in a prestigious private school, named “Arsutoria School” in Milan, Italy, where she received customized, private training sessions, by a professional mentor in not only in footwear manufacturing and design, but also on the business side, too.

Since launching, CARAT has worked with influencers including Jessica Kahawaty, and her product line sold out within two weeks of launching.

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