Paguro Upcycle Launches Eco Friendly, Sustainable Homewares.

Reusing, recycling, and transforming existing materials is growing in popularity, thanks to TV shows, including The Repair Shop, Money for Nothing, and Find It, Fix It, Flog It.

Nottingham-based Paguro Upcycle has launched a brand new range of eco-friendly, sustainable kitchen and dining accessories, – in a bid to tackle fast homewares.

The launch was partly inspired by IKEA’s recent purchase of Topshop’s former flagship store on Oxford Street.

Since the pandemic began, as you’ll be aware, people have spent more time in their homes than ever before (due to the national and global lock-downs), which understandably, – has led to a huge rise in home improvement projects. There’s also been a material shortage across the nation (in the UK).

Whilst people might appear to be focused towards creating an Instagram or a Pinterest-worthy house, are they losing sight of where their products came from, and how they were made? Regardless, Paguro Upcycle is aiming to tackle this assumption through innovative upcycling methods that gives unwanted materials a new lease of life: for instance, each item in their brand new homeware range is made from 100% recycled wood.

Several different materials are used to make the products, including rosewood, teak, and offcuts from jackfruit. Products featured in the range include(s) chopping boards, fruit bowls, serving bowls, coasters, and nibble dishes. Each item is unique, because the materials used are all reclaimed, and therefore, – they’re all slightly different. This prevents trees from being cut down, and it stops unnecessary waste from being added to landfills.

Aside from these brand new kitchen and dining accessories, the brand has also launched a new line of wood-based earrings, which makes for an ideal gift, – for those who enjoy being surrounded by nature and the outdoors. In addition, there’s also an eco-office and study line, featuring a glasses case, a pencil holder, a pencil case, and a trinket tray.

Yen Wei Goo (Paguro Upcycle’s Founder and Director), said: “We’re delighted that our brand new eco-friendly homeware range has launched just in time for the festive period. When we talk about sustainable shopping, many of us think about clothing or accessories, but we need to think about homeware, too.”

“If we really are going to make a difference to the planet and to climate change, we need to make changes across every aspect of our lives. We hope that our new range will help customers to embrace stylish sustainability in their home(s),” added Yen Wei Goo.

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Paguro Upcycle was launched in October 2013, and is a female run-and-owned online boutique and wholesaler for ethically-made fashion accessories. Aside from championing sustainability, Yen Wei Goo is also well-known for her entrepreneurial flair, and her varied charitable work. Paguro Upcycle proudly supports CARE International, Plastic Oceans, and Transforming Lives for Good.

Although Yen has always had an interest in fashion, a combination of factors led her to start Paguro Upcycle. Yen became disillusioned with the high street. All she saw, was large chains providing fast-fashion, and embracing a throwaway culture. Yen decided to create a brand that represented what she had long yearned for: individuality, quality, and craftsmanship.

Whilst travelling in Southeast Asia, Yen came across a social enterprise by chance. Their mission was to create ethical bags and accessories, – using repurposed and recycled materials. What made these products stand out, – was the imaginative way in which the materials had been transformed, and the positive impact it was having on the local community.

After giving up her successful career in accountancy, Yen set out to create a business which reflected her passions, and that brought something different to the UK fashion industry. By collaborating with social enterprises and artisanal producers in the UK, Yen now provides a unique range of upcycled jewellery, bags, and fashion accessories.

Due to COVID-19, Paguro Upcycle has had to change the way it operates over the past 18 months. The craft markets, the festivals, and the events the brand used to attend weren’t held because of the pandemic. Becoming a predominantly online brand has had its difficulties, but with the demand for sustainable products from independent retailers growing, they’re optimistic about their future.

And last but not least, Yen has been shortlisted for the Great British Entrepreneur Awards, twice.

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