Love Bedtime Has Launched A New Price Transparency Campaign.

Love Bedtime (the Chester-based online bedding store) has launched a brand new price transparency plea, – giving customers a full price break-down on each order.

The online bedding business took the initiative during the COVID-19 outbreak, – as a response to those who may be struggling financially (because of the pandemic: layoffs, or reduced working hours, etc).

Love Bedtime is already breaking new ground, by selling an easy-to-change duvet cover that opens up on three sides, instead of one. AND, they’re building a growing army of devoted fans (mainly because the product is helping to improve the independence of those with mobility issues, – particularly the elderly, and those with acute conditions, such as arthritis and Parkinson’s Disease).

The cost of a Love Bedtime double duvet cover typically includes 25% on business overheads, 22% for wages, another 22% for the manufacturing process, 9% for free shipping and returns, 8% for import duty and tax, and 4% for transportation, – leaving the remaining at about 9% as profit.

Also, the online bedding store is preparing to launch a new range of stylish bedding. Whilst their products are unique, some of their competitors charge up to double what Love Bedtime does. Love Bedtime’s Founder and Director, Chris Jones, – believed that now was time “to get real,” with the firm’s growing customer base, – mainly because people are increasingly looking for business honesty, and price transparency, nowadays.

“We’ve all experienced that uncomfortable feeling of being ripped off at some point. In the face of increased business costs, we’re doing everything we can to keep our prices as low as possible. SO, we want to give people the peace of mind that they’re paying a fair price. Who needs more uncertainty right now?” said Chris.

Love Bedtime launched in 2016. It’s Founder, Chris Jones, – suffered from post-viral arthritis when he was 16, leaving him bed-ridden for 6 months. Despite making a full recovery, he’s fully aware that arthritis will likely return later on in life. Many arthritis sufferers find making their bed with a conventional duvet cover a very challenging task. Love Bedtime’s Easy Fit Duvet Cover is far less strenuous, and it requires less bending.

The idea for Love Bedtime came about, when Chris began to write an A-level textbook that taught business using storytelling.

Chris developed a story about a 16 year old girl who invented a duvet cover that was easy to fit. As the entrepreneurial story develops, the reader learns the business syllabus. The book entitled ‘Duvet Days’ was published in 2016, but Chris decided that the idea was too good to stay in a book, so he developed the product himself. He had 100 sets made in the UK, and after selling all 100 on Amazon, he was convinced that there was a market for the product.   

Chris is a also Professor of Business. He’s spent the last ten years running a number of Business Schools around the UK. And, he has a PhD in economics, too.

Love Bedtime measures their success in terms of customer satisfaction. To date, they’ve received three ‘thank you’ cards, and a number of emails from customers who have acquired greater independence from purchasing the duvet cover. A favourite product review is from a customer with Parkinson’s disease who is now able to make her bed without assistance once again.

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