The Shoreditch Mask Company: From Masks, To Fashion Label.

The Shoreditch Mask Company launched during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, – to help support the demand for medical masks, before growing into a fashion label.

The brand started out by creating handmade, reusable masks (to lessen waste, and to provide a more expressive variety of face coverings, than the usual, boring and predictable medical face masks we’ve all grown to used to seeing). As the brand has now grown, 100% of proceeds and profits from the masks go to the NHS.

The business by launched from a deep passion to create beautiful, bold treasures for everyone. Their vision is not only one of beauty, but also of fairness and ethical production. Since their ‘mask-only’ days, the company has since expanded to provide a funky, stylish range of timeless, cruelty-free unisex garments, as well as masks.

The pieces are celebration of East London’s past, present, and future. Inspired by the people, art, sport, and the magic of Shoreditch and the surrounding area, – the brand is 100% independent and proudly British. Located in the heart of Shoreditch, the label celebrates Shoreditch through designs that are uniquely theirs. All products are eco-friendly, and they’re produced sweat-shop-free.

The Shoreditch Mask Company’s Founder, Tomi, – previously worked as a creative across a number of industries, including tech and sport. He also competed internationally in the sport of boxing, became a boxing coach, and a poet. The brand’s other Founder, John used to be an award-winning chef and DJ.

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“At the Shoreditch Mask Company, above all things, we are storytellers: we want to tell the story of East London, – the story of its people, where they came from, what they do, and what they create, – from sport, to graffiti, to music, to bagels. We want to create fashion for people to believe in,” said the Founders.

The Shoreditch Mask Company’s most recent highlight was their Boxpark pop-up shop, and the pre-release of their S/S 2022 collection. Since launching, the brand has been featured in TimeOut, Boutique Magazine, and in Fashion Snap.

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