Meet Joe And Sadie Sillett From The Funky Appliance Company.

Meet Joe and Sadie Sillett, the husband and wife Co-Founders behind The Funky Appliance Company, who have developed a new range of stylish small home appliances.

The Funky Appliance Company launched in 2016, and to date, they’ve completed multiple successful crowdfunding rounds, totalling a raise of almost £1 million. Recently, The Funky Appliance Company were ranked as a ‘Top 15 Out of 540’ businesses who have been funded on the crowdfunding platform, Seedrs.

Originally, the business started out as ‘The Funky Iron Company,’ with Sadie and Joe designing a unique-looking electric steam iron. It was during a trip to the local hardware store to buy a new ironing board, that Sadie mentioned something about ironing board covers being garish but not funky, and Joe responded: “I tell you what aren’t funky … irons!” 

Following Joe’s lightbulb moment and some initial research, the pair excitedly realised that there was a gap in the market for a super stylish steam iron, which not only looked great and fitted in with the current design-led aesthetics of other household appliances, but that did exactly what irons should do: iron clothes and fabrics fantastically well.

The Funky Iron went in to manufacture in 2018, just 27 months after the couple had the original idea. Following the success of the iron, the company re-branded to ‘The Funky Appliance Company’ in 2020, – in preparation for an expanding product line. The Funky Kettle and The Funky Toaster hit the shelves in Spring 2021, both of which have created a rapidly growing ‘Funky’ cult-like fan base. 

To launch and grow the business, Joe and Sadie have spearheaded multiple successful equity crowdfunding campaigns on Europe’s leading equity crowdfunding platform, Seedrs, and they’re currently running a seventh one. In total, the business has 400+ investors in more than 25 countries.

And in terms of the future, the duo are looking forward to launching a Funky Microwave, a Funky Air Fryer, and a Funky Mixer next. And when they do, they will continue to insist that their packaging is made from recycled materials, and is fully recyclable.

Joe Sillett has been an entrepreneur for 20+ years, and during his career, he has designed, sourced, and sold over £20 million pounds worth of products. Previously, he was Founder and MD at the cricket and golf brand, Woodworm, which he took from £0 to a £10m valuation in just four years. Prior to that, Joe also worked for Wilson Sporting Goods, Compaq Computers, and SAP.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Sadie Sillett worked as a part-time cleaner for 10 years, whilst raising her three young children. She has also previously been an Office Manager, a Legal Secretary, and a PA.

“Having partnered with Europe’s leading SDA and housewares distributor, RKW in Stoke-on-Trent, we now have Funky products stocked in 81 stores in the UK and Ireland, as well as online with several leading UK retailers. We also signed an exclusive global license with RKW for our Funky brand to go into housewares and cookware, and this will start in 2022,” said Joe Sillett.

And we’ve had many approaches from distributors overseas. We are looking forward to activating some of these in 2022. Australia and New Zealand is likely to be first, followed by the USA and the UAE. By Quarter 4 of 2022, I would expect that we would have some good coverage in Europe, too. Beyond that, we are looking forward to launching the new products described above, and helping RKW to bring our licensed products to market,” added Joe.

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